Gaia Name: James Is Xaldin
Name: Armads Durbane or "Berserker"
Age: 21
Personality: Quiet, Caring, Loves to fight., but does so with honor and to protect. He carries a hateful, uncaring and rage filled side to his enemies, killing with no mercy.
Bio: He was born by an average loving family, living deep in the woods, but near the border of the place he lived, and they were prone to much violent encounters with enemies such as bandits. On one of these encounters his parents died, and in a rage slaughtered every last bandit. He traveled the world, killing everything that came in his path as his name, "Berserker", became widely feared along with tales of his might and his 10' tall massiveness. One day, he met a girl, who was under attack by wolves, and he slaughtered them all.She looked at him in a confused way, not quite sure how to react to the Giant of a man before her,"
...Why did you Kill Them Berserker?" She healed his wounds, and touched by this girls love, he travels with her and protects her from all harm.

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