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here are the names of the main cast's weaponry:

Name : Chinatsu
Weapon : Duel Swords
Wielder : Teik
Meaning : "One Thousand Summers"

Chinatsu was forged in the flames of a star above Serrian by Lycoris and Claudia Swansong and their followers while preparing to clash with Hellion. Chinatsu was created by Felyr, the former "Child of Flame". The blade burns with the power of the star used in its creation and has been handed down along Felyr's line all the way to the new Child of Flame, Teik.
Name : Hikari (broken )
Weapon : Staff
Wielder : Shella
Meaning : "Shining"

Hikari was one of the departing gifts left by her grandfather to keep her safe. Hikari possessed little power and was easily shattered by Teik's Chinatsu. Hikari's destruction opened Shella's eyes to how powerful a threat she was dealing with, this loss was also her greatest gain for it allowed her to gain the true powers of the light and confidence in her stuggle.

Name : Mitsuko
Weapon : Staff
Wielder : Shella
Meaning : "Child of Light"
Mitsuko is the staff created by Seraphina for Shella to use after Hikari is broken by Teik in Book 1. In truth, Mitsuko was merely collected by Seraphina from its previous owner, the former "Child of Light", Lycoris. It contains the raw power of Seraphina within it and gains strength by the wielders will to succeed and do what is right.
Name : Daiki
Weapon : Scepter
Wielder : Cyreil
Meaning : "Great Tree"

Daiki was created from the roots of an ancient tree blessed by the God of Life. Atop Daiki is a precious stone that is later found to be a Dolkion artifact. Daiki was wielded by the former "Child of Earth" and was held by Cyrael's grandmother until recently and now has been handed down to her in hopes of her learning the ways of the Earth as she had.
Name : Nanami
Weapon : Bow
Wielder : Al
Meaning : "Seven Seas"
Name : Tsukiko
Weapon : Whip
Wielder : Kaelva
Meaning : "Moon Child"
Name : Sora & Suzume
Weapon : Sword and Arm Shield
Wielder : Stephanie
Name : Sage & Elder
Weapon : Elbow Blades
Wielder : Aurenata
Name : Valkyrie
Weapon : Haulberd
Wielder : Gui
Name : Amaya
Weapon : Mallet w/ Chain
Wielder : Yura
Meaning : Night Rain
~under editing~

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Kiwi Gumdrop
Community Member

Mon Mar 31, 2008 @ 12:34am

Wow. xD You wrote alot.

I'm too lazy to write a journal xDDD


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