Ryoko sat and stared out the window at the rain and the small shack that was his brother's home. He listened to his mother cough and his father sigh, soft footsteps and his father was standing next to him. "Mommy okay dad?" The young boy stared out the window not looking up at his father, his pure white eyes seemed to show none of Ryoko's emotions. "She will be son... Soon she'll be with God and at peace. She'll look over you and your brother. She will ask God to forgive whatever sins have made him what he is and we three will be happy." Ryoko listened to the rant and knew they were only the fleeting dreams of the sad man. His mother let out a violent hacking cough and his father whimpered, "Go out to Alistar. Keep himi company while I tend to your mother." Ryoko's father departed and Ryoko went out into the rain and into the small shack.
Inside the 12 foot tall monster stood. He looked down at his brother who was only one forth his size and smiled. He picked up Ryoko with one and and messed his pure white hair with the other, "Brother!" Ryoko smiled and reached out to the creature, Alistar brought Ryoko close to his neck to make it easier for Ryoko to hug the beastly boy. "Alistar," Ryoko mumbled, "I think we should go find a cure for mommy. We can't lose her! And if we help her maybe God will forgive the sins that plague your body and soul and you'll be able to live in the house with us." Alistar noded with a huge grin, his shark-like teeth showing, "Help mommy!" Ryoko smiled at the large simple-minded brother of his and took his place on Alistar's shoulder, "Come let us go!" Alistar and Ryoko left the small shack and Alistar ran into the woods, heading for the large manor that housed the wealthiest people he knew. 'There has to be a cure there' he thought to himself watching the trees pass and the animals pay no mind to the large beast that ran amung them. At the first sight of the house Ryoko felt confident and ready, Alistar started to feel hungry.
Ryoko got off his brother's shoulder and walked up to the house, Alistar followed holding his stomach and whimpering. At the door sttod a guard and Ryoko stopped, "It's guarded Alistar! We can't get in!" Alistar roared and ran swiftly to the guard, scooping him up in one of his massive hands and quickly devouring him. Ryoko watched in horror and nearly ran from the sight but his feet felt planted in the ground. Once Alistar was done Ryoko slowly gained the ability to move and walked up to the door of the manor. He let go a deep breath before going inside.