WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE FEEL THE NEED TO RUIN PREFECTLY GOOD SONGS!?!?!?!? I mean come one people, there is no need to do that. The songs were fine the way they were when THEY WERE DONE FIRST AND BY THE PEOPLE TAHT SANG THEM FIRST!!! And if you haven't figured it out yet I am talking about the poeple that are on American Idol. PEOPLE STOP KILLING REALLY GOOD SONGS!!! And that means that you need to stop listening to SIMON FREAKICG SCOLE!!! I can't believe that these people really think that have the right to do these songs and then do THEM POORLY!!! I meaqn comeon we have poeple like Daughtry which all his songs kicked a** but then we have people like Kathern KcFee who DID NOTHING RIGHT!!! I mean then we have other people that just need to SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I mean come on people you got voted off for a reason and speaking of getting vited off what si the deal with people who go out for Survior and then b***h about it when they voted off. "Ohh I don't see why I got voyed of." Or my favorite ,"Well they just couldn't handle me that's all." GET OVER YOURSELF PEOPLE!!! I mean come on you are not as good as YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! You need to get over yourself and STFU!!! Okay then well back to American Idol I am convenced that the people who redo these songs by people who have made a living bysinging should be shoot. The reason I am ranting about this is becuase there was a guy on American Idol that did a CELINE DION song and did IT POORLY!!! NO ONE SHOULD REDO SONGS BY PEOPLE WHO ARE THAT WELL KNOWN AND THEN DO THEM PISS POOR!!! I will don't see why they do that and I can't stand it. Someone of the people on American Idol KICK a**!!! (The ROCKER Nurse) But that's about all that I know of that should be allowed to do things and then get a GREAT review on it. But the guy that did the Celine Dion one shouldn't have done it, and then he choose on of the hardest one's to do. IT'S ALL COMIN BACK TO ME NOW!!! Poeple, you need to stop and think before you open your mouths and start singing these songs. And people you need to over the fact the Danny is GAY!!! Who cares if he is, he is a great singer and you need to back off one little fact okay? Okay well if you read this then thanks, and again you need a pat on the back.

-pats you on the back-

OpalSama Peacin' Out!!!