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l poems i made
i have no boyfriend and wont until im 16 but theres no rule of having a crush

so heres one about my crush im not going to say his name but if he ever read this he would know its him..and i think emily knows who too!

i will look up,
i will look down,
left to right,
and all around,
but yet no you,
no blue eyes,
no calm hair,
no you enywere,
tears run down my face,
my heart breaks,
my words crack,
then i feel you pock my back,
there you are,.
no words to say,
lonlyness is all today,
i stare at you,
you stare at me,
and i can plainly see,
that you truly don't like me,
if thats gods way,
of telling me,
that your just not the one for me,
then i will move on,
and i will stay strong,
cause that way nothing can go wron.

anther poem

throw the trees,
running faster,
running free,
looking at everything,
as it passes by,
tears streeming down my cheeks,
running just like me,
running away,
trying to get free,
running faster trying to get free,
everyone is after me. sad

!!! lol

marking path ways,
marking life,
making everything seem harder,
then it will ever be,
but knowing you will always be there,
will always be apart of me,
looking back on the pathes,
i marked for you,
after generation,
allways loving you,
that is what to do,

a new poem that expresses how i feel right now so here it goes:

friends are friends,
you get them,
you lose them,
you cry a little,
your over it,
but best friends,
have the power,
to brake your heart,
when your friends change,
you don't notice it,
when your best friend changes,
it kills you,
it brakes you,
it makes you think:
she was there,
being my best friend,
a boy comes along,
it changes everything,
there in love,
and seems like,
theres not enough room in her heart,
for three,
who gets kicked out?
the friend,
the best friend,
or was,
now just a friend,
or a moment of the past,
thinking about who she use to be,
she just ignores you,
tells you to leave,
shes not the same,
not the same,
not the same,
all you want is her back.

called: i do so hate popcorn

eating popcorn,
gaging from its taste,
to dry,
to butery,
but do so love the smell,
eating popcorn,
gaging from its taste.

another one but this is going to be hard ive never done this type:

live your life not knowing what the expect fear the things that your never gonna get,
love the things and people who are always gonna be there, and hate the people who are never gonna care life is a trial, win it ,love is a message , read it, dreaming is having hope , reach for it ,and never ever fear the one who always near.......

a sudden stop

when i walk,
when i see you talk,
when the earth is still,
i think about your smile,
it just makes me go wild ,
a teardrop slides down my cheek,
i start to run,
a sudden little run,
then i stop,
i look up,
there you are,
you let out a hand,
you wipe my tear away,
what more can i say?
your wonderful in every way.

once agian

once agian,
i cry,
a simple little tear,
one that you will never care about,
still once agian,
i can not help myself,
once agian i cry,
a simple little tear,
once agian.



oh this sucks!

ok so my last one sucked

think next time

just mayby,
you will think this time,
before you put that knife back to your wrist,
i know your emo,
and i know its hard,
ive been there once,
im still there,
but just think.
im asking you to just think about it,
you and me we see that blood,
and just see as relief

i have not been writing in this for like forever, i have been writing in a notebook at home packed with poems.

butt here i am to type somemore to you all (if enyone reads this?)

i have always had a strong feeling for cancer even though i have never known enyone with cancer i still think it is alwful.


someone out in the world,
is fighting cancer,
someone out in the world,
lost there life to cancer,
in which ever way,
someone suffers,
from cancer,

ok so i thought i was going to type more of them but i dont freaken know which ones to choose from this freaken notebook i mean i have like 30 cancer poems and like 45/50 other sad poems then like 15 uplifting poems (i have not been in a very good mood lately) so i mean really!!!!!!!!


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commentCommented on: Fri Jun 13, 2008 @ 09:58pm
it's aaron.c plus this is aaron.a this is my account i have two

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commentCommented on: Fri Feb 27, 2009 @ 07:41pm
DOES ANYBODY READ THESE ????? if you do please leave a comment, it would make my day! smile lol thankyou-

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