So on Friday we had a carnival at my school, so me and Azzy went down to Widdifield to visit everyone and have a generally merry time. ^^ So after my first period I ran down to her house, and waited like an hour or so until her brother was ready to drive us. When we finally got there, we crept into the cafeteria, and immediately met up with some people like Kora and Leigh. We had a very fun ( and loud ) reunion with Kora, and we spent the next few minutes chatting before we went to get food from the lunch area because we hadn't brought our own food.

So there was much hyperness abound. Ricky and Tony came over too. I got out my Naruto manga books I told Tony I'd bring for him to read, and I brought my two issues of TRC because I felt like it. XD Then eventually Mason came and we all glomped him to death because he's too cute. <3 I got to see lotsa people, heehee. I always have so much fun when I'm there, being around my friends, people I can talk to.

So I finally got to play my first real Yu-Gi-Oh duel that day. XD Ricky lent me his deck and I played against Tony who taught me as I went along, and also some person I didn't know the name of who sat beside me and told me which moves I should play and why. He was nice. ^^; So I think I got the basics down about now, but some of those card effects can be confusing I find. z_z I lost BTW. XD But hey, what else did I expect? Lol.

Then after that I spent the rest of the day drawing a picture of Sakura in Tony's sketchbook. It was a nice picture, but I found it turned out generic. -_-; I hate my pictures sometimes for that reason. I suck at diversity. I didn't really get to finish it before the day was over though. u_u

Then me, Kora, and Mason went over to Kora's for a little bit. We dressed up Mason in a dress and striped stockings, and I did his hair in pig-tails and we went out like that and caught the bus to Gabby's. XD I think Gabby was a little shocked to see three of us instead of one, but I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the company. So we sat and talked and had fun until Mason and Kora had to leave to go to Lacey's.

So the rest of the night me and Gab watched a movie ( After Sex - the name of the movie. >_> ) and talked and such other stuff. Then we baked cookies really late at night. XD Well actually, we just made the dough then we put in the fridge for overnight and baked them the next day. We had a bit of a difficult time with them because they were supposed to be vegan, and our recipe was altered a little because of our materials. They still turned out good though. :3

So then today I walked to the terminal to take the bus home ( which was pretty lovely actually, I like walking downtown, it wasn't really cold, and there was a tiny bit of pretty snow ) so I could get to D&D night on time... but turns out it was supposed to be tomorrow instead. O_o But me and Leigh hungout at his house anyways. I was reading a book on D&D, we watched AMVs and some TV, and then a movie. ( Space Balls lol )

And now I'm home. And eating pizza and drinking pop. And listening to my Tsubasa music. XD Yaaaayyy TRC~!

I'm looking forwards to my next visit to Widdifield, it was really lots of fun. Oh, and D&D tomorrow of course - it's supposed to be me, Leigh, Keagon, and Lacey at her house. There might more people though, it's uncertain yet.

Well that's all folks, chowww for now~! Eternal says out~ heart