I watched the CCS movies like I said I would in my former journal, and man they were great. :3 I absolutely loved them, especially the second one. The fluff... OH GOD THE FLUFF!! It consumed my heart! The play scene where Syaoran and Sakura were dancing was especially cute.

So then even though I intended to read CCS after watching those, I ended up reading Tsubasa instead. XD Or rather, catching up to the latest chapter after a long absence from reading. Due to this, most things before the Tokyo arc chapters are kinda eehhh.. blurry to me... including Tokyo itself... but I think I got the important things down.

God that series takes an angsty twist after the Tokyo arc, and then it just KEEPS PLUMMETING DOWNWARDS. Like an eternal pit of doom. Despite how the last 50 chapters made me seriously question whether or not CLAMP enjoys torturing their poor characters, the angsty-ness was actually not a turn-off. It actually gave more depth to the characters and made the plot slightly more interesting?

... but god it's confusing. So very confusing. NOTE: When reading, DON'T spend 20 minutes trying to figure out a particular confusing thing, because it'll get clearer if you keep reading, but it's still confusing really.

EVERYONE ARE CLONES. EVERYONE. ( okay not everyone, just Syaoran and Sakura <-- highlight to view spoilers. )

... Fai's past had me gripped in pity and sorrow. Then that one scene was absolutely heartbreaking, the one between Clone-kun and Sakura. That one put tears in my eyes. ;--; Sakura is so brave. BUT IT WON'T END!! Like she says. :]

Yeah so then I went on a MASSIVE downloading craze and downloaded every single Tsubasa song off all the OSTs. The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful, even if I hear the anime isn't any good. ( I haven't watched it. I may someday out of curiousity, although according to people who have seen it, it completely destroys the storyplot. )

Then so I wouldn't be hogging all these lovely songs to myself, I went and uploaded them onto Imeem so other people could listen to them too. Yep. All 92 songs.


<-- They're all in a playlist at that link if anyone's interested. ^^ For some reason I have a feeling no one is going to even find it though... but oh well, their loss, not mine. ;P

SYAORANISAWESOME. And I said that because it = TRUTH. Why is C!Syaoran so kickass? I like Syaoran's gentle and noble nature too, though. LIKE WOAH. I CAN'T DECIDE WHO I LIKE BETTER. ]:

Ahhh~ I love fangirling over characters and series. Another addiction, another day, amirite? But why not enjoy them while they last?