CHAPTER ONE: The Living Dream

One day a young girl was walking home from school.

"Damn that gym class sucked." she said as she walked home.

Lunamis Snyder was a young girl about 5 foot 6 & she was about 175 pounds. she had long
brown hair & blue eyes. She was smart although she rarly showed it & lived in Pennsilvania
with both of her parents. She was almost constantly with her older cousins. Danny Jimmy &
Howie, so she was never a girly girl. She loved to read & she was always writing stories of her
won. She had a wild imagination that she was yet to learn how to control. She had just started
ninth grade at the SR. High so she was under more stress then she needed. She was also huge
into mythology & astronomy so she was always the odd one out. She was never one to lie to
someone about anything but she kept many secrets only because she knew no one would
belive her anyway.

She walked up her pourch steps and unlocked the front door. She walked up the stairs to the
kitchen where she found a note for her.

Luna, mom works late tonight and I've gone to help david. Don't know when Ill be back.
Dont get into trouble with the police or firedepartment this time! ~Dad.

Luna sighed but smiled slightly. She loved being home alone. She let out a whistle & her dogs
came running. She hooked the on leashes & took them outside. she then grabbed her MP3 &
the phone. She climbed up through the attic & out a window onto the roof hooked her
headphones around her neck & blasted her music until she fell alseep.

She woke up to the ringing of the phone. She clicked off the music & grabbed the phone.

"Hyello?" Luna said still a little groggy. She heard a frightened voice on the phone.

"Luna? Luna It's Mae." Mae said frainticly.

This is Luna's friend Mae. Out of the group of four that she hangs with there is Von, Dame,
Mel, Mae, Vito, & herself. Mae is the shy one. Her & luna weigh about the same & are about
the same hieght but she is, how should i put this, a lot bustier. She is pale but very kind.
She is the brains behind the group most of the time & like the rest of them loves to sing.
She constantly complains she is fat but never does anything about it so Luna is now training
both Mae & herself. All of the girls are anarexic & & all the girls but mel are skitsophranic. Luna
& Mae are bipolar & they are all in depression but Von & Mel are the only ones that have ever
had counsiling. (it doesnt work). Mae has hazel eyes & short hair that she just resantly died a
redish purple. Mae is a little wimpy & really self-concious but all in all a nice kindhearted person
with a messed up mind & an attitude at times. She also has an alcohalic father & a mother that
is always either working or sleeping. She also has a little brother that the group calls 'It'
because they aren't quite sure if 'It' is a boy or girl.

"Mae whats wrong? You sound r4eally freaked out. What happened?" Luna asked

"Luna you will never belive what happened." Mae said

"Knowing you Mae probably not." Luna said rubbing her eye.

"I was having a weird dream about Orochimaru & kankuro. They were planning something
and..." mae said but luna cut in.

"Mae! Mae calm down. It was just a drea." Luna said calmly."

"I know! Mae exclaimed. "But I woke up Luna! I woke up & they where in my room. I have

"Mae please I really think you've lost it this time." Luna said laughing a bit

"But Luna-chan listen. I was looking up stuff for Mythology & I found something. I think it
was called the Hjikallama?" she said.

"You mean the Hamaykilama? But that race has been dead for 1000 years. The only known
surviver was kidnapped & never found." Luna explained.

"Well just because they were never found doesn't mean they didn't have decendants."
Mae argued.

"Fine if you want to prove so bad that you are a dream maker then I'll come over tomarrow.
But it is thurseday isn't it?" Luna said.

"Yes but it is thanksgiving break so it should be fine." Mae said.

Fine I'll see if I can come over. Now mae do me a favor." Luna said.

"Sure. What is it?" Mae asked clamly.

"Go back to bed." Luna said annoyed then she hung up without another word, climbed off
the roof & went to bed.

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Chapter 2: The Hideaway

Then next day Luna convinced her parents to let her go over Mae's house. As soon as
Luna got there she & Mae left the house.

"Ok Mae now that my parents are ticked off at me for nagging them to come over here
lets get to work." Luna said walking out the door & slinging her backpack over her sholder.

"Luna-chaaaan! Where are we going?" Mae called after her.

"Somewhere so you can't hurt anyone." Luna said running down the stairs.

"Aww but that takes all the fun out of it." she whined jokingly.

Luna laughed then started through the backyard & over to the fence. She smiled then
hoisted herself up over the fence then sat ontop & waited for Mae.

"Damn you know I can never jump this stupid fence." Mae said trying to lift herself up.

"I know but you are getting better." Luna said grabbing Mae's arm & helping her up & over.
Then after Mae hit the ground stumbling a bit Luna stood & started walking down the fence.

"Anyway what do you mean by 'hurt anyone'?" Mae asked calmly.

"Well you've already brought Orochimaru into this world. So if anything else comes into this
world we should be able to stop ity." Luna explained.

"So you really do belive me?" Mae asked quizzicly.

"Not fully but why take the chance?" Luna inquired

"Ok luna but i swear I am telling the truth." Mae said.

"Well we are going nto find out arn't we? Anyway we still need to test how strong the trait
is if you have it." Luna said. As she came to the end of the fence she simply jumped the six
feet to the ground & landed perfectly on her feet.

"Some times you make me wonder Luna." Mae said calmly

"About what?" Luna asked curiously.

"I wonder if you weren't meant to be a guy at how tough you are & all the idiotic things
you do." Mae said. Both girls laughed.

"Yea well like i said many a times. I grew up with guys so I'm used to it."
She said & they continued through the town until they reached the woods & continued
into them.

"So where are we going really?" Mae asked.

"Well I've been working on a hide-out for our group and it's just over this hill actually."
Luna said pointing to the top.

"Really?" Mae said astonished. "Wow Luna why didn't you tell us?" She asked.

Luna sighed "Well it wasn't ready for interior work until sunday and the actual building
of the hide-out was extrmly dangerous because of the location." she said calmly "And I didn't
want to risk your guys' saftey."

"But you'd risk your own life?" Mae said. Half shocked half angered.

"No because I knew what I was doing, but if I would have tried to tell all of you what to do
and you guys messed up then I would have been to busy to catch it and the whole thing
probably would have colapsed in on us. See my reasoning? It's like the old saying 'too many
hands in the mixing bowl just makes a mess." Luna explained.

"Yea I understand but next time at tell us what you are up to in case something does happen."
Mae pleaded

Luna smiled & nodded "Will do." she said clamly. They walked to the top of the hill & stopped
at a pile of huge rocks.

"So where is it? Mae asked

"It's right here." Luna said walking over to the rock & kicking it in a few places.

"Right where?" Mae asked confused.

"Right here." Luna said & she moved a pile of moss to reveal a hole with a ladder in it. "Now
come on." Luna said starting down the ladder with Mae right behind her.

When they got to the bottom of the tunnel there was a large room with a kitchen built in ,
A large empty room, A bathroom, an a couple of emty rooms off to the sided.

"Wow! This place is huge!" Mae cried out as she looked around at the hide-out wide-eyed.

"Yea but it needs furnishing and that, Mae, is where your new powers come in." Luna said

"So you really do belive me?" Mae asked

"Like i said I have my doubts but lets dsee if we can't figure this out. Are you ready?" Luna
said smiling.

"Yea let's get started." Mae replied eagerly.