I'M A KITTY. -points at her avatar- Yeaaahh... xD Just had to get that out of the way. (nosrsly lol ) and yet by the time most people will look at this, I will likely have changed it. AHAHAHA !!!! ... !

I had pizza today. And a muffin. And Azzy was in my drama class, and we got to be a pair of doors. RRRRRRRR!! <-- that was the noise we had to make. It was awesomecakes.

I had a spare last period so I totally got to go home early. Wickedness. So I'm sitting at hommeeee drinking my cooookkeee and gonna play some Sims 2 soon probably olol. Even though I can't get any of the stupid expansions I downloaded to work, the main game works, so la.

So I was invited to a birthday tonight, but even though I want to to go, I'm afraid of going because there'll be like a mass of strangers ( her party's gonna be huge. she told me how many people she invited. ) and strangers make me shy. If there was at least one person I knew going I'd probably go though ( besides her of course, but obviously she'll be busy, it's her own party. ) ... and assuming I could get the money... and as long as I could get home before the buses stop running.

So I'll probably just stay home and go to the arcade with Azzy later on tonight like we planned to do every Friday now. WE DDR UNTIL WE DROP!!! DROP I SAY!!!

Ahhhh isn't it a lovely day out today? I think that might be why I'm in such good spirits. It was fairly warm out there, and the sky is so clear and blue.. it's beautiful. It's been absolutely freezing the past little while, so I appreciate the warmth and sun and clear skies. February is almost over, can you believe it? What's up with that. It felt like it just began.

BRING ON MARCH PLZ. SPRING SPRING SPRING!!! Oh how dearly I love spring! The snow is beautiful, but flowers and warmth, ahhh~ But of course it won't be true spring until April, but March is the start. >_>

Haha so I'm reading a new book. It's called Raven Quest, and I really like it so far... I'm addicted to those books where animals talk and such, you know. XD But yeah, this book is like... a hybrid of Guardians of Ga'Hoole and Silverwing. I like both those books so it's a good hybrid I say. Why are the main characters of books always so cool? They're all courageous and kind and strong. In books like these, the main character is always an orphan outcast and he has to go out and prove his worth to his clan and some-such. In the case of Silverwing and Raven Quest, they're only half-orphans - their fathers are dead or missing and they try to live up to them and such. Hmmm but is it weird that I find their personalities attracting? z_z Well I find most storybook heroes to be that way, the only ones I never really liked their personalities too much were probably Harry Potter and Tanis. Raistlin was awesome though, even though he's a p***k. XD;

Wow I went on alot more about that subject then I intended to. Lol.

Well I guess that's all for nooowww. Bai. heart