I got a bunch of fan mail and i decided to answer some of the questions that i thought where important, I wont give out there names so they dont get flamed or anything but im sure they know who they are smile .

Fan: I noticed you changed your name alot, How many have you had and what are they?
Me: countless names but here is a short list of a few i actuelyed like, In order from when i used them. Zephy, MandalorianOrgo, Backlash, Jemzz, Rellik, Heretic, Jemzz((i went by this name twice)) and ofcourse Aes Shoyru.

Fan:Are you single?
Me: Maybe now stop asking!!

Fan: why do you have such a bad spelling?
Me: Honestly i failed all my spelling classes, it really isnt part of me but i dont pride myself on it despite the fact i catch SOOO much crap for it. Last person who insulted me for my bad spelling was s**t kicked from here to there and im not even sure where there is!

me: I know im a stud moving on

Fan: So you and alyssa arent the best of friends, Did you ever try to patch things up?
me: my god yes! i made 4 attempts to mend things between us but none of them turned out at all which pissed me off, the last one almost worked and i was 3 days away from moving in with her but she called it off and said she only saw me as a ******** buddy which pissed me off further and i cracked her in the face adn we havent talked since, mainly because i broke her jaw and she moved out of town

Fan: I thought you where bi what happend to that?
me: I was bi but i went straight because i really did enjoy being ******** in the pooper for a while but then it just felt wrong, that and all the horny guys after me...

Fan: you get laid alot, I would know i been in your bed more then once. Do you have any kids? or caught any STD's?
me: No and hell no! im not like most idiots who dont use protection, granted sometimes i dont but i always make sure to pull out, no doubt you know i forgot how many times i blasted your face smile

Fan: You are a fighter and you brag about it, Whats your fighting style if any?
Me: your question can mean alot of things but here is my best bet. I was trained to use a form of Jeet-kun-do and i still do, but i also adopted spear and sword combat, but because spears and swords arent used anymore now and days, the training goes to waist unless i find a broom or a stick...or something along those lines.

Fan: Are yo ua defencive or offencive fighter?
Me: Both but it depends on how badly im hurt, im always always offencive in a fight but if im badly hurt i will switch to defencive fighting which really isnt me. I have also been known to go into a blind rage and almost kill myself trying to beat the person...Adrenalin...a mans best friend..

Fan: you used to drink in the past, how often do you do it now?
Me: rarely but i would like to drink more, I got bombed of 4 shots of this 160 or 180 proof stuff, burned the throat goign down and when ya burped it brought tears to your eyes

Well Im out of time and hope to answer more fan mail or just questions! please send me a pm titled "fan mail" Or "Journal Question" smile i will then collect the questions and once i fele i have enough iw ill answer them here!