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Life Sucks!! (most of the time)
I will be writing about my horses, my happiness, my sorrow, my complaints, my life or whatever the hell I wanna stick here. Deal with it. xP
What's in My/Your Water?
What the ******** give the government the right to put unnatrual chemicals into my water, not let me, my family or anyone in the county, vote on whether we want it in our systems or not?!
That's just not right!
Who the ******** cares about dantal care?! Brush your God damn teeth, swish, and eat right.
Shouldn't that be that?
Doesn't any care about what fluoride does to you body when you digest it?

There's a reason you're only suposed to swish it around and garggle with it.
When it does into your body, it can build up in your organs and clog them.
Not only that, it's been linked to some type of cancer, kindey issues, and even Alzheimer's.

I would like to remind everyone that dentists are not trained in science. They are simply professional tooth technicians.
They don't care what occurs in the rest of your body, just what happens to your teeth.

And there in lies the problem.
Tooth decay.
So what?
How many people have died from tooth decay in comparison to what fluroide causes?
Kidney disease.

How exactly is putting fluoride in the water then justified.
It'll soak through your skin from shower and hand wash.
It'll be in your plants. Which produces your air.
It'll be in the tap water you might drink.
It'll be in everything you give to your animals.
Fish tanks.
Dog water bowls.
Horse water. They drink over 30gallons a piece everyday.
And it'll even be in the locally grown food you get from the farmer's market.
And, for your carnivores, it'll be what your meat drinks and have been soaked into every inch of it's flesh, muscles, and meat.

And even though only 9% of the county voted for it-
It's still coming into our water in March.

What the hell gives the government the right to intoxicate us, us who wish to be basically chemical free, us who're trying to eat organic food to be healthier, and us who for all they know, might be seriously allergic to fluoride?
I'm allergic to it.
My throat swells.
So what do I get to do?

Drink only bottled water, shower with imported or gallons of purified water?
Contact various companies that I get food from and determine if they use water that's fluorated?
Seems a bit like a hassle to me!

And with 91% of the community oppsoing, isn't this kind of removing our rights?
Saying, 'It doesn't matter what you guys voted! We already decided it's what's best. So tough luck'.

And we barely heard anything about this before now.
We've heard it from a friend of a friend.
Search it on the web, grab the paper we normally just recycle, and thus!
It is true!
In just a few weeks, we will all began the slow death by toxic chemical deploied into our water, by the government.

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  • User Comments: [3]
    Also, your chances of getting cancer is raised a lot if you reuse your water bottles (like refill them) after 3 days of reusing them. Because the plastic is porous, etc. so it takes in all the bacteria and stuff from the air.

    If the government just decided to keep filtering our water like they used to, we would have no such problem because we'd save money from buying bottled water and we'd be spending more on water bills, that are indirectly given to the government, unlike water bottles' sales.

    Dani, there's always been fluoride in the water. Everywhere in the usa ever since they stopped filtering water in like the '60s there's an abundaaaant amount in the water around where I live, and you can easily tell by just filling up a clear glass and watching the fluoride develop around the glass as it evaporates.

    comment New Age Hitler · Community Member · Sat Feb 23, 2008 @ 04:21am
    Ah! But San Diego has never had fluoride in it's county's water before!
    D: And most of us still don't want it. /:
    Then again.. Probably over half of our population is illegals, so they probably don't care either way. I<

    comment F L O A R i D E · Community Member · Sun Feb 24, 2008 @ 02:39am
    you guys just get to conform with the rest of nation
    ..that obviously isn't cared about either XD

    you must've realized by now that we're not entirely a republic because the government never has time to listen to us. XD;

    aaaand they wouldn't be bombarding you with fluoride because of the illegals, they don't know about them, otherwise there WOULDN'T be any illegals XDD

    comment New Age Hitler · Community Member · Fri Feb 29, 2008 @ 02:59am
    User Comments: [3]

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