Witches of Antioch
Witches are almost a sort of organization or society in Antioch, although one without a true place they call "home". Many believe a Witch to simply be a female spellcaster, which is only partially true; all Witches use magic and are female. But Witches are not pure spellcasters and they tend to be skilled in a style of weapon, the vary of focus depends on the individual Witch. Now where does one go to be a Witch?
All one must do is simply gain entrance to a place commonly called a "Witches School" although they are officially called a "Rosary". Generally promising girls are invitied to join a Rosary and are free to accept or decline, this is reserved for young girls around ten. Sometimes magical potential blooms late and these possible Witches are invited as well, however the cut off is by the age of fourteen. If one is not invited one if left only one option: Gain a sponsor Witch willing to barter entrance. This is a rare occurance.
There are a total of three Rosarys and each is of unique design. The Rosary in Ethena, called the Southern Cross is a wide, large marble building in a forest. The Rosary in Sakiel, known as Formular, is a tall spire built of obsidian. Lastly the Rosary of Kranagon, Desert Rose, is a underground labyrinth. Each Rosary functions like a competitive school and each has differing specialties, although they all do cover some of the same material. The Southern Cross Witches are reown for their healing and summoning; some call them "Clerics" or "Sisters". The Formular Witches are feared and respected for their destructive magics, rumor says some even practice forbidden magic; they are called "Shades". Lastly the Desert Roses are masters of elements and alteration, a rumor says some even dabble in time; they are known as "Tombs".
Witches have a ranking system in each Rosary. The leader of each is known as a "Eternal", below them are "Ancients", "High Witch", then simply "Witch", and lastly "Students".
o Southern Cross: Eternal Pamela Rays
o Formular: Eternal Kit Reign
o Desert Rose: Eternal Alias Ra

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