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bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

iAngel Hikaru
Community Member
Chapter 3:Fluffy, pink, sweet,…and evil part 2
Oh sorry it took so long just alot has been happening lately but I hope you like it though. ^^

It only took them about 20 min. to get to the Carnival grounds, but I wont tell you what happened while they where on their way there though. Well mostly because it was really boring ,and all they did was just sit in their seats doing and saying nothing. Great I am a idiot I just told you what happened gosh. But back to the story ok don done don huuuuuuu……….dooooooooon.
When they got there all Miharu could see was ride after ride, clowns, and many things that Miharu could not describe. James started to walk toured the ticket booth, while Miharu just stood in front of the entrance awed. Miharu never heard such laughter from kids running and playing. Parents going frantic over how much money they should spend on their kids. It was all just loud and annoying to other people, but to Miharu it was the most peaceful time she had in a long time.
Miharu was caught up in the moment that she didn’t even notice James come up to her. “Hey I got the tickets, huh what are you looking at” James said while looking in the same direction as Miharu was looking in. “Oh nothing just thinking” Miharu said. “Well you better start thinking about what you want to eat” James said while facing Miharu. “Oh you mean your going to buy something to eat” Miharu said taken back. Since no one has ever bought her something that wasn’t against their own will.”Well du since it was my idea to take you here in the first place, of coarse I’m goanna pay, and anyway I thought about this even before I asked you to come” James said sarcastically.
“Oh y-yea o-ok but still ar-are you s-s-sure” Miharu said stumbling on her words. “I swear what has the world done to you. You really need to relaxed and actually have fun you know, that is really the reason why I took you here in the first place” James said concerned. “Ok then I will try to have fun then if that is what you want me to do” Miharu said while looking at her shoes the whole time she was talking. James lifts up her chin so she is looking in his eyes. “Why would you say that I wanted you to have fun and then go and say you would do it. You know your not a dog like everyone else treats you like. Your free to do whatever you want, not to be ordered around other people” James said with nothing but pure concern in his eyes. And Miharu could see this. She had never had someone have that much concern in their eyes for her, in tell now. “Your right I shouldn’t” Miharu said trying to cover the sadness in hr voice with confidence instead. But she knwew in her heart that she still will do it. She has nothing to live for anyway so why not, why not put herself to some use instead sitting at home dying a little everyday.
“Well come on then, lets go then” James said while tugging on Miharu’s arm. James and Miharu started to walk through the entrance of the Carnival, but was stopped by the person next to it. “Tickets please” He said in a high pitched voice. “Oh yea here” James said while pulling the tickets out of his pocket. “Here you go” James said politely. “Thank you”.
James and Miharu finally got through the entrance. It was so colorful with brilliant colors all around with the night sky surrounding it. James and Miharu just stood there taking in the wonderful sight which their eyes where laid upon. They couldn’t help it it was gust a sight that you have to aww at. “Like it” James said still looking at the site that was set before his eyes. “…..Yea I do” Miharu said but instead of looking at the site she was looking at James the whole time she spoke those words.
“Hey you want to go get something to eat” James said exited. “Huh yea sure” Miharu said. James started to run ahead of her, but the funny thing is that h forgot about Miharu for a moment. Then stopped and went back to her. “Hehehe got to exited huh” James said rubbing the back of his head. “Mmmm” Miharu said giggling a little with her hand covering her face a little. “Shall we” James said like a butter would do when a person walked in, you know when they bow when they say dinner is ready. “Hehehe mmmmmhu” Miharu said nodding her head.” Hahahaha come on” James said pulling on Miharu’s arm gesturing her to follow him. Without hesitation Miharu started to run with James to the yum yum booth.
When they where running James cant help but to think. I can smell them, but why are they here is it because of the Anastasia. It hast to be it why other reason to be here than that. “You ok” Miharu said concerned from the look on James’s fac. A face of confusion and happiness. And your probably why a face of a happiness of the thoughts he is having right now well because now he can finally capture the Anastasia. “Uh yea im ok, just thinking that’s all” James said as cheerful as he could possibly make it. I cant have her worrying if she does then I have to come up with a response every time she ask me what’s wrong, and if I give her the same response every time than she will come suspicious. And I need to get away from her for a while to see if I can find the Anastasia. James thought to himself.
As they where passing by the booths of all varieties, Miharu accidently nudged someone with her shoulder. “Huh oh umm I’m sorry” Miharu said a little embarrassed, both her hands spread out in front of her going left and right very fast. “Mmmmm” The man said that she pushed. “Hey Miharu what are you do in, well what ever you are do in come on I’m getting hungry” James said walking back to Miharu’s side, rubbing his stomach. But then stopped when he looked up to see the tall man standing in front of him, that looked like he was in his early 40’s or late 30’s. James and the man just stood there staring at each other not even one eye lid made a movement the 2 minutes that they where staring at each other.
“Miharu lets go” James said emotionless still staring at the man. “Bu..” Miharu was about to say but was cute of by James sharp voice. “Lets go Miharu NOW” James said grabbing Miharu’s arm and pulling her with him. Not letting go, his grip still held tight James kept on pulling her with him like a rag doll. With out a moments notice Miharu snatched her arm away from James’s grip. He was stunned by her reactions. “What do you think your do in James. You cant just drag me away like that” Miharu said with her voice sharp with anger in it. James couldn’t find the words to respond to this. All he could say was “I’m sorry Miharu I shouldn’t of have done that, next time I will control my actions” James said looking at the ground. Miharu couldn’t help but let her guard down. “James im sorry I reacted like I did. So lets just say this never happened, and go on with the night ok’” Miharu said with a pure smile on her face. James had never been looked at like the way he just had, it made him feel….good. Maybe he was having feeling for this girl.
“Hey Miharu I cant help but to ask have you ever had cotton candy before” James said looking at Miharu with curiosity. “Umm no, why” Miharu said with one eyebrow raising slightly. “Really yay, ok come with me” James said very very exited. He started to walk Miharu to one of the booths. He told her to wait a minute, and when he came back he had a stick with the most beautiful thing that Miharu had seen the whole time since they had arrived. It was pink, fluffy, and most of all it was softer than a pillow. “Hey pretty cool huh” James said while handing it over to Miharu. Miharu just stood there holding it in her hands, looking at it with curiosity. “Mmmm figures, your supposed to eat it silly” James said chuckling a little. “Oh..huh yea I knew that don’t get on my case so quick” Miharu said that with pride like she really knew what to do with it.
Miharu took a bite of the sweet sensation. It was so good, all the flavors dancing on Miharu’s tongue. The sensation tingling inside of her.”Good huh” James said with a warm smile across his face. “Mmmmhu mmm” Miharu said with no room left to say yes. “Thought so” James said. Within a minute the sweet treat was gone.
“Hey Miharu I hate to ruin your fun but it is time to go now” James said while looking at his watch. “Whaaaa are you serious James” Miharu said looking at James with big, sparkling eyes. “Well yea actually I am” James said. “Oh come on James cant we stay a little bit longer, please for me” Miharu said while looking straight up into James’s eyes, tugging on his sleeve. “Ummm I don’t kn” James said not getting a chance to finish his sentence. “Pwease Jamswe” Miharu said in a baby voice, rocking her feet back and forth. “Ok I guess so, and anyway who could it hurt” James said with a little smile on his face. But he knew that this wasn’t true though. He knew on that very day, at that very moment something bad was going to happen soon. But he didn’t hesitate to say yes to Miharu though one he didn’t want Miharu to know and he could have a little bit more time to look for the Anastasia.
“Awwwwwww cool hey James want to go on it” Miharu said while pointing at the tall figure. “Yea” James said while looking at the firm structure. “Yay, hey James before we go on it what is it” Miharu said turning around facing James. “Oh you don’t know what it is do you” James said. “Well it is a rollercoaster of coarse” James said finishing of his sentence. “What’s a rollercoaster” Miharu said looking at James with curious eyes. “It is a thing you go on, and it is really fast and really really fun to ride” James said unsure of his words. “Ohhhhhh, ok then lets give it a try” Miharu said while grabbing James’s arm pulling him toured the object.
Ok I’m not going to tell you what happened in those few minutes that James and Miharu where on the ride because well you don’t need to know so lets just began when they got of the ride, or should I say only one got of the ride. James started looking around for Miharu after the ride was over, but could not see her anywhere. Where could she be she got on the ride with him, but they got separated when the crowd of people tried to get of at the same time. Maybe she was still trying to get off still, yea that had to be it really what else could of happened to her. James though still trying to find Miharu.
All of the sudden James heard a slight squeal, he might o not known Miharu that long but her knew that scream came from her. James started trying to make his way through the swarm of people. Then he heard it again, and again. After he got to the middle of the carnival he couldn’t hear it anymore. So now he could not determine where the noises where coming from. This frustrated him. So he just chose a direction to go on. He didn’t know where this mite take him, but he was willing to take his chances if it was for Miharu’s sake.

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iAngel Hikaru
Community Member
comment Commented on: Mon Feb 25, 2008 @ 11:23pm
bla bla bla bla!!!!^^ Oh heheh sorry about that, well since your here mine as well say hope you like!!!!!!!!!!!^^

comment Commented on: Wed Feb 27, 2008 @ 12:28am
I really like your writing style. The way that the story travels from one characters perspective to the next is awesome. 3nodding

Community Member
xazncatgrl lesem bigbangx
Community Member
comment Commented on: Mon Jul 14, 2008 @ 07:29pm
u are good and really werid but so really cool!!!!!!!

User Comments: [3]
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