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The Death Knight's Journey
A tale of a warrior from hell!
Chp 1 scene 5
He rode on his horse and started to feel light headed as he started to in circle the mountain, taking the long way instead of going over the top, he rode for a few miles and slowly started to fall he spoke outloud "Wizard get rid of my armor so i wont be discovered if found by the peaseants" he tilted and fell of his horse and slipped off into an unconscious state, it was the blunt trama from his ribs that hurt him so much, from metzens hammer attack, his armor dissapeared and he was wearing peasent clothes just in time for a young maiden to come walking up the path. she was a beautiful woman tall dark hair eyes that cut into your soul with kindness but there is a certain sadness behind them that only she knows. she saw the death knight lying in the middle of the road. She ran up to him knelt down next to the man now in peasent clothes. she felt his heart, she listened to his breathe. In a serene heavinly voice she spoke "Sir, do you need help?" The death knight opened his eyes slowly and say her looking down at him and was instantly lost in her eyes he managed one word before passing out again"Beautiful". she smiled softly and ran to the town at the foot of the mountain for help. He woke up the following day in a small cottage on the outskirts of the village. he sat up in the bed and looked over at a chair in which the beautiful girl sat sleeping, looking beautiful and serene. he spoke in a tone that wasnt cold but warm "Miss, what am i doing here?" The girl woke with a start and slide out of her chair onto the floor. Sparda tried to rise but fell back down onto the bed and clutched his ribs. "You must not move," said the maiden "you have bad intenal injuries, you could hurt yourself even more if you move!!" Sparda was suprised at what he heard. "Why would you care if i hurt myself or not, you dont even know me" The girl smiled and stood up and walked over to the bed and sat down next to sparda. "I get that alot and i dont know why i just care about people" Sparda laughed and spoke softly "Caring is useless in this world" She had a deep look of sadness in her eyes. "why would you say something like that?" "because my soul has been tormented all my life and it would kill you to find out what i have done" She smiled and replied "the past is the past and you cant change it, by the way " She rose and bowed "my name is Yume" she turned and walked outside, sparda lay back down and went to sleep. over the next month while he was recovering they discussed their views on life. Her voice was warm and loving, looking into her eyes Sparda forgot all his atrocities he had performed. When he was well enough to walk they walked through woods and slept in the shade of the trees together. He worked in the fields next to her house. For the first time since he was brought back from hell he felt like a human again. One night as he slept in the bed Yume canme to him and lay down next to him. He felt something strange that he could not explain, he held her all night never moving once as to not wake the angel laying next to him, he awoke the following morning still holding her, she woke soon after and they looked into each others eyes until miday never speaking just looking. He all of the sudden heard a voice he hadnt heard in months. "Death Knight you must return to the Pagoda at once your task is not yet finished!!" He felt the coldness returning and he shook the girl laying on him. She woke from her nap and spoke "Whats wrong?" She knew instantly something was wrong. "I must go" He spoke softly "I have a task that must complete before we can both have what we want and i must go alone but you will always be with me......." He kissed her passionately and lovingly then moved her off of him and walked out the door mounted his horse and rode off toward the pagoda. She cried the rest of the day and night and he knew this because he could feel how much she loved him. And he loved her, she opened him up from his mask he had been wearing, he could now feel the breeze, he could now feel everything including remorse for what he has done. He arrived at the pagoda and slept for 3 days, sorrow filling his days he was away from his Yume. After he awoke and marched to the inner sanctum of the pagoda and knelt in front of the High mages of the The Brotherhood of the Crimson Skies. "KunaiKama" the chief High Mage shouted and immediatly the Death Knight was ingulfed in flame but he didnt feel it he just kept his mind focused on his ultimate goal. "Death Knight you now have to kill the third of the Magistrates, His name is Oshakura, he will be competing in the tournament of champions. You will be put into the tournament and given one chance to kill him, you must accomplish your mission. Now go" The Death Knight rises, nods and walks out. Rides off towards the Arena of Zues.

((This is the something ive wanted to do for a while))

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Haruko Kioko
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 18, 2005 @ 11:52pm
That was very good, Sparda! I like it! Keep up the awsome work! wink

commentCommented on: Tue Jul 19, 2005 @ 12:28am
I like this one. 3nodding

Star - Burst
Community Member
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