Ahh, flowers and rainbows are in the air, and it's that time of year to be the happiest you can be for your loved one.


omg, I 4got 2day was valentines day. In the morning, Sinero was like "HAPPY V-DAY" and I was like O.o

so, I got up, and grabbed my v-day brownies out of the fridge tht I made like 2 nights ago.

There were 20 brownies when I put them in the fridge.

I pulled out the tray and there were only 4.

So, I ended up freaking out, and forcing my mom 2 go 2 wallmart. I got 2 bags of snickers, and a nasty sammich and water 4 breakfast.

I get 2 school late.

Lunch rolls around and every1's passin round their gifts

I snap out meh snickers

only 2 find out 1 of my friends is alergic 2 peanuts.

I was like "omg, NO WAI"

so, I had 2 apologise.

well, then after school, I ended up running 2 spiffy's (my boyfriends) car, and he pulls out this big frikin doggie plushie. Twas the cutest thing I ever seen.

But I almost got runned over by a car T.T

well, now I'm at home, with a screwed up ankle (That stupid Bouyagi tried 2 take my v-day candy tht spiffy gave me, so I ended up twisting it trying 2 get it bak) and i'm on gaia, trying 2 find a way 2 get sinero her v-day present T.T

things will work out tho right?.....

eh, right?