Ever since I was young, I always imagined my life was like an anime. When I was little enough to play pretend, I made my own world and shaped it into the one I wanted. As I started to grow older, and such things weren't acceptable anymore, I turned all the ordinary things in my life into something special. The heroine needs to do ordinary things, right? She is always just a regular, normal girl before she is whisked away on an unforgettable adventure.

Maybe one day I was going to have a great adventure, or maybe my life was designed for the genre of love.

Through the past two years I've felt like that I was the heroine of a sad love story. Things are always hard, hearts are always broken, and tribulation is great ... but in the end, the heroine finds true love and has it returned. I felt like as long I kept thinking like I was the heroine, I would have my happy ending.

Time goes on and things change, and now I'm starting to realize that I'm probably not the heroine... No, I'm the secondary female character, the one absolutely in love with the main character but he has his heart set on someone else. The one that tries with all her heart and soul but in the end, she loses to the true heroine. I'm like Nayuki. I'm like Koboshi. I'm like Meroko.

Or maybe... maybe my chance as a heroine hasn't yet begun. Maybe one day I'll have my own spin-off, and the story that is happening now doesn't belong to me.

I'll keep waiting for my evolution, while nursing my broken wing.