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My life in black and white
I know i am not the most normal of people and many may not take the time to understand me...but this is going to let you take a walk into my dark and distorted mind...
Last to know...
Time passed by slowly, the ticking of the clock resonated through my mind's eye. Nothing seemed to matter at the moment, for finally I no longer heard the ticking. Time had finally stopped in my mind and I was not willing to reset the blasted clock that told of my doom. The dank, dark room seemed to beckon unto all that was remorseful and unclean. The air became thicker; harder to breath. Soon enough, lack of air and dizziness over took me and I was once again in a soundless world.

An eternity passed while I was in that world. I heard nothing, I saw nothing, I was nothing. Everything seemed whole and present in my little world. I feared nothing at all and I was finally at peace. That all changed quickly as my senses finally dissipated in to the reality I so desperately attempted to stay away from. To no avail could I return to my silent, blissful world. The burning sensation of the light on my retinas was more harmful to my subconscious mind than that damned ticking had been. I groaned as I shut my eyes in an attempt to rid myself of the pain.

I found peace once again as the light disappeared and I was left in darkness once more. That alone seemed to be the only companion I had left in this world. A sigh penetrated the shadows as my body relaxed in to an awareness I never knew I had. A jolting motion set me up straight as a clattering sound destroyed the silence that I had held so dear. The light was still there, now brighter than before. My eyes adjusted quickly to the new environment and I was able to take in all that was around me. Four walls, the ceiling and the floor were all that stood between myself and the world I so hoped to be reunited with. I scanned the area and soon discovered where the clattering noise had come from. It was a small metal plate with only a slice of bread and a small container of water resided upon its surface.

Looking towards the light, I looked for any hint of life before I made my move towards the food. I wanted answers; to know where I was and how I had gotten here, but nothing came from my search. Closing my eyes, I probed my mind to see if I could recall anything at all from the past, but I came up short. I could think of no reason why I would be trapped like a rat in an experimenter's maze of horrors and treacherous terrors. I kept my eyes towards the light as I slid warily towards the bread and water. I was afraid; afraid that something would happen to me and I would not see those that I loved ever again.

I finally made my way over to the plate and took my gaze off of the light above, diverting it to what had been placed down here for me to eat. I didn't trust the food and drink enough to ingest it, so I sniffed the bread. I found nothing that I could smell on it and eyed it suspiciously. Tasting a small piece, I found nothing wrong with it and began to eat what I was given. Soon after I became thirsty; my gaze loomed in to the water as if I were a God looking down upon his subjects and willing them to do as instructed. The water refused to move and instantly I was alerted to something being wrong. In my mind, I saw the water spilling out its poisonous secrets; but in this reality it didn't do such a thing.

Am I going mad? I thought weakly as more-so I became parched. I moved the cup ever so slightly in my hand and watched it swoosh around in a circle. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as I pressed my lips to one side and allowed the cool liquid to slither down my throat like an eel. I removed my lips from the dry surface of the container and sighed in relief. Nothing tasted odd about the drink, so for a moment I felt safe.

Lying on the floor, I stared up at the ceiling and watched the light once again leave me. I was content for the time being as I closed my eyes and reopened them to see nothing but a dank darkness enveloping my being. Suddenly, nothing felt right. My stomach clenched and a wave of pain shot through my mid section as I turned over and hugged myself. My body felt weaker than it had before and I found myself soon fighting for consciousness. I had misjudged my captors for being somewhat merciful people; I knew this experience would change me forever. Don't let it end like this... I pleaded out in my mind to anyone that would dare to hear my agony. I was soon lost in a world of tranquil silence once more...

A pool of sound flooded over me like a raging typhoon as I attempted to move my arms and legs only to find that I was unable to. I slowly opened my eyes to peer in to the dark holes that were meant to shield my captors' eyes from my view. They were speaking amongst themselves; their gibberish incoherent to myself and I knew not what they planned for me. One by one, they all loomed over the worn body of this man as they traced areas of my exposed flesh with their gloved hands. Heads nodded and shook in agreements and disagreements over what my fate would be.

Oh dear God, what are they planning to do to me?! My mind raced over all the possibilities that could take my life here in their ideals. Their hands continued to run over my exposed flesh as they continued to bicker amongst themselves. Please, someone spare my life! I was not afraid to die for what I believed in, but this was not a matter of beliefs. Somehow, I had in fact become a research project for these demented people! My body shook lightly out of fear and anticipation. Soon enough, a wave of pain washed over me as the first incision in to my being was made.

I was trying hard to keep myself calm but nothing was working. I could not remember who I was for the life of me. All I knew was that I was a man being held against his will and being cut in to pieces for the amusement of another person.

Another was made in to my flesh as I attempted to hold back a scream of pain. I could tell that the people causing me all this pain were enjoying what they were doing. Arguing began again between those that stood above me. My eye sight began to fog over, my senses died down slowly as darkness placed a heavy blanket over me once more. The last sound that penetrated my ears was the slow beating of my very heart.

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    I hope you all like it!

    comment Angel_Rowen · Community Member · Sat Feb 16, 2008 @ 05:22pm
    Poetic its buetiful crying crying

    comment Shinji Dark Lord · Community Member · Tue Jul 01, 2008 @ 04:38am
    the only think I can truly say is wow!!! Amazing

    comment Starfire Bray · Community Member · Tue Dec 15, 2009 @ 01:41am
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