jun^^ how are you? i just want you happy^^ because it's Valentine's Day now<3

i don't care if you could see it,just want to say something from my heart: )

Believe or not, you are my first love,i know i may be just a substitute of the girl u

loved. i'm sorry i'm not her,i'm not pretty enough and my hair is too short crying

how i wish that girl didn't leave you away..so ur heart was hurt by that.

but i love you, although i don't know what the love is, and i'm too naive to love.

so that you feel troublesome of our love.i'm sorry. but my love for you is true,

you can hate me, but anyway it' my pleasure that you could love me 4laugh

you said to me last night that if you love someone ,you should love him/her in your

heart,and shouldn't reveal your love.i accept it and remember it in my heart

although i don't know if it's right on earth.

i was so sad and insane when you ignored me. i was afraid you don't love me as

before ,but it's a pity that you do. your said your love for me is fade off....

i was stupid, i thought if i talk to you anytime ,you 'll come back to me.i tried any

words i could think to apologize to you .but failed .because i can't change the

world , i can't change anyone's mind.Boy will be boys.

but i really try to understand you.why don't you give me a chance?

i believe the real love.

i remember someone told me that "don't be sad.you are be loved now, please

believe that there are at least two people in the world who could die for you.... "

so you have no reason to be sad.

i often cryT^T, i'm like a kid>.< so don't laugh at me.

i'll try to let you see my smlie: )

love is no reaon. not for the look, nor the gold. gold may be useful to anyone.

but it's not anything to us.

don't worry ^^ my love for you is never Changed.and never fade off. i promise.

if you feel me troublesome, i'm so sorry,i 'll leave you alone in the next second, but

when you need me, i'll turn back to you whatever i have to do...

i'm just who am i.

"don't hate me,because you are not me" i believe in it.

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

i'll keep it:Years May Fly, Tears May Dry, But My Love For You Will Never Die.

sorry for my bad grammar xp