Name:. Inoue Houseki
Age:. Sixteen
Your teacher:. Inoue Tamaki (Her Father, now deceased.)
Village You Came From:. Otogakure no Sato (Village Hidden in Sound)
Bio:. Her clan was one experimented on at one point by Orochimaru.
Generations passed and, with his death, the clan continued to live on. Eventually,
the gene grew incredibly strong and passed down to the younger ones, the most
powerful now being Houseki. However, it didn't come without a cost. The only one
considered more talented than she happened to be her Father who had lost his life
in a heart-wrenching battle with an enemy shinobi. After his death, Houseki claimed
the murderer's life and took on the role of a cold-blooded killer and sole wielder of
the Ke Seishii.
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Weapon:. Needles composed of her hair (see kekkei genkai) as well as wires
and exploding seals.
Signature Move:. Ke Seishii: Literally, hair control. Her Kekkei Genkai
enables her to manipulate the hair follicles on her body to reproduce the proteins that
make up her hair rapidly, and even alter the hairs to needle-like weapons or even
lengthy, durable strips.
She's also got some horrid habit of using her sex appeal and whatnot to confuse her enemies.
Other:. A young feline by the name of Tenou follows her around.