Thyunda’s Reviews: Decepticon Payload

Payload is a Decepticon courier. Basically he just drives around carrying things for his bosses, and he likes it. How sad. It almost makes me cry. Then I remember I hate the little……
You want to know why I hate him?
Well, I’ll start from his vehicle mode.
A Bulldog II armoured truck. Pretty nice, I rather like it. Its wheels don’t jam, and it looks very much like its real-life counterpart. No problems here. They start in robot mode.
So, I transform him. And look. He looks cool like this, but oh, wait, what’s that? It looks like a big, black freakin’ rod sticking out of him! All because Hasbro or whoever do it now wanted to target a much younger audience, and made a capture-claw on him. As you’ve probably heard on a number of video reviews on YouTube, if you have been looking, this toy is fragile. His limbs and head all fall off rather easily, and the connectors on his cargo bay wear down pretty quickly. It may be an action figure, but it is NOT a toy. A toy is durable, you can play with it repeatedly, and it won’t break. This will. This, this must be the only time it can be said truthfully, is a collector’s item. Made for people who will sit it on a shelf, and look after it, keeping it in good condition, not for some bratty little kid to throw around and completely obliterate because it is bored.
That rod also makes posing difficult, because it makes him overbalance and fall over backwards, unless you make him stare at the floor. His chest plate pops off if you extend the claw too far. His grill disappears if you take your eyes off it while you transform him. What the HELL would you design a toy like that for? To minimise space usage, I transformed him to vehicle mode, and let Protoform Optimus use him as a pedestal.
Payload’s not fit to kiss the boots of Megatron. He can settle with Optimus, for all I care.