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Name: Shadow X. Iscariot
Race/species: Newblood vampire
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 3rd
Blood: Magnesium based
Height/weight: 5'10", 100 lbs (vampires have a much lighter frame)
Body size: B36" W28" H34"
Fighting style: The way of blood (A vampiric style passed down from oldbloods to newbloods), and various forms of assassination martial arts and other martial arts (wadoryu, ryu kyu kabuto, kyokushinkai, nunjutsu, etc.)
Occupation: Assassin

Hobbies: Urban climbing/free running, breakdancing, gymnastics, etc.
Personality: An almost split personality; the other half is only shown when fighting. His normal general side is free spirited, calm, collected, playful, devious, and enjoys playing pranks on people (such as scaring them). Mostly though, a decent, almost humanly empathetic side though; this side is his more human side. His darker side is Hedonistic, Sadistic, calculating, cold and deadly; this side is far more vampiric than human.

Anatomy: Shadow's a newblood, meaning he is still somewhat new to using his powers, and that his body is still in development. His entire body has undergone vampire transformation. His frame has changed from bones to a lighter more flexible cartilage frame. His circulatory system has become magnesium based intead of the human iron-based blood, which makes his body use energy faster and makes him a tad more sadistic and insane at times from having a chemical imbalance. His circulatory works much better than a humans, and cannot clot due to the speed and consistency of the magnesium being pumped through, and from his superior cardiac arteries. His kidneys have developed to hold high concentrations of magnesium now for great lengths of time. Due to his muscular system's high twitch muscles being developed well beyond that of a humans, and his low twitch getting weaker, a common trait in newbloods, he can show an incredible amount of power in a quick period of time, but it costs most of his energy to do. He cannot use this power for any great length of time, however, it is effective.

History: A fairly young vampire, shadow is just getting used to his powers. Although he is normally playful by nature, he discovers a far darker person deep inside him. He first became a vampire only a short while ago when a friend of his was killed before his eyes by a gang of thugs, and an oldblood named Kaz appeared in the distance to watch what he thought would be the end of this young man. Instead, the former human shadow cut through these thugs with a grin on his face, and came out of it smiling (although feeling guilty inside). Kaz decided to recruit Shadow, who was shocked at first, but in the end agreed and changed. Shadow is still not quite certain exactly how much he is capable of and he's only starting to get the hang of his powers. There is much for him to learn down the long darch roads of the vampire...