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I don't like scientology. it makes no sense to me. their entire religion is based off of a failed science fiction screenplay and they make you pay to be apart of their cult. i mean, sh*t like this makes me very weary...

Xenu. just read the stuff here. it's amazing.

Ok, so that's their doctrine. everything the "religion" is based on right? so here is their jesus, Tom cruise talking about being a scientologist.

Tom cruise on Tom Cruise, Scientologist

Something is off about this cat. and this is your poster child of your "religion"? oh my god, what the hell? how can anyone actually believe any of this. I found this here on DA as i persued through variousness. it's awesome. Now, take this cat and multiply it by how ever many people are in the church. hell, they get the majority of their recruits from PRISON!

Okay, heres some info for you...Just tossing it out there to broaden your understanding.

In canada the church has an estimated 1500 followers based on 2002 census. Its Popular in the states especially among rich people.

Also, you would be hard pressed to find friends of people within the actual Cult of Scientology..As the cult has a policy that those who you cannot convert are not to be associated with. Also has a "Fair Game" policy which by "SP's"(Supressive Persons..or enemies of the church) may be "Lied to, cheated, repossed of their property, harrased or terminated".

The best way to describe Scientology is with this parable from protestors; "Ask A christian about their religion, they will tell you. Ask a Muslim about their Faith, they will tell you. Ask a Jew about their faith, they will tell you. Ask a Scientologist about their faith, they will tell you, after your cheque clears."

basically..in order to learn more about the church you have to pay money..its a huge scam to get peoples cash. It's own founder is quoted as saying "If you want to make millions, start a religion".

It has been involved in some questionable happenings; all outlined here [link] And if you take a look at the youtube videos of their new years celebration, you will see the head of Co$ Speed talking and using extremely confusing language/overblown language. Basically..watch it..and you are like...wow He's a raving lunatic employing every tactic in the book to brainwash people.

So, basically, they'll kill you and take your stuff because you speak out against their religion. i mean, the cats that were unmasked during the Feb 10, Anon movement dealy are getting followed and death threats. what kind of f*cked up religion threatens to kill people who don't believe in it. that sh*t is nuts to me. Here's another from DA.


Apparently by that point most people are A) up to their ears in debt to the "Church" and/or B) so brainwashed they'll believe anything told to them... but the doctrine fed to them at that point resembles a really bad science-fiction novel... which is, incidentally, what L. Ron Hubbard made his living writing... imagine that...

Simply amazing...

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