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Intertwined Destinies.
This is a fantasy type-ish story with hardships of four friends. They will travel into an unknown land, and become aware of the amazing powers they hold dep within them. Only, someone is trying to break the group apart, will they suceed?
The Accident.
Kaito Hitokage had just gotten out of the shower when he heard yelling again, he couldn't take much of this any longer. Ever since his mother remarried, all they have ever been doing is arguing, he hated him with a passion. His hate was so strong, but it wasn't just about the yelling, something else, practically none knew.

There was a loud bang. His mother had probably thrown another lamp at his step-father, and he smirked just a bit. She wasn't like this at all, until she remarried.

See, his father had died nine years before in a terrible car accident. Kaito was about eight then, and really didn't understand much that was going on.

He was still wet with the towel still around his waist when he heard the door to their room slam, it echoed through the hall way all the way down to his room. He shook his head, continuing to wipe the water droplets that fell from his hair into his face with his hand.

Kiato was handsome guy, inheriting his father's looks. He was a good height standing about six feet four inches, with a nice build. Good size arms and chest muscles, and a six pack, that seemed to draw the ladies in like a magnet. Short, spiky sandy brown hair, and golden eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. At the age of seventeen his was still as shy as ever.

He had dressed and walked out of his room, closing the door behind him. He was going to the gym, the one hobby he refused to ever give up. Kaito was into fighting practicing almost five styles of self defense. He was about five when his father had gotten him into karate and martial arts classes. He held onto this for one main reason, it was how he remembered his father best.

There was yelling again down stairs as he walked down the steps. Great, it seemed to be following him. He didn't even bother to look at the two feuding adults. He walked passed them into the kitchen, when he knew his mother was looking at him. He didn't even bother to act as though he noticed the two, she knew he wouldn't talk to her while thy were yelling.

He was looking into the refrigerator, trying to ignore the fact that they were still yelling. Kaito heard his mother yelling about money, the car, himself, and the house. Then, he heard something that changed his life for ever. The sound of a smack, then there was another and another. He turned around, to see his mother fall to the ground, with his step-father's hand raised.

His anger and hatred toward they man seemed to sky rocket. Hitting his mother, they got into their arguments, but he loved her. The refrigerator seemed to close on its own, as Kaito walked into the room, the anger and hatred clearly shown in his eyes. " What the hell do you think you're doing, hitting my mother like that ?! " He said, his voice cracking from the rage inside.

His mother had gotten to her feet, and pushed him backwards, telling him something about just going to train, but he wasn't listening. He could see the sneer on the man's face, as though he was happy for hitting her.

" Mom, get out the way. He hit you, He's gonna wish he had never come into this family. " Kaito almost yelled as he moved around his mother, standing only three inches from his step-father.

His step-father laughed, the sneer still present on his face. He wasn't going to take this from some pathetic teen age kid who hardly talked to him. " Your mother, " his step-father started, " has been getting on my nerves. The b***h should keep her mouth shut in a man's presence. "

That word, it seemed to unlock the rest of the rage he tried to keep concealed in his body, but it wasn't working out well. Kaito's fist was doing the talking now. He had placed all the power he could have into that punch, his knuckled meeting the jaw of his step-father, who staggered back, almost amazed that he was hit, but sneered al in the same.

" Well, if its a fight you want, little Kai, then I guess I'll bring the fight. " He said with a smirk that seemed to double Kaito's anger. He rushed towards Kai as his mother was screaming in the background for them to stop, but it was too late. This was all going to go down.

Kaito was liking this too much, but the smile that wanted to creep through the anger was being held back. He grabbed the oncoming punch but the wrist with his right hand, sticking out a leg, and letting his step-father trip over it, landing face first on the carpet, before he paced the palm on his left hand on the man's elbow.

He began pushing the way an elbow shouldn't be bent. He screamed, and there was a crack before Kaito got to his feet and kicked the man in his stomach, almost ten times before his mother had come and pulled him away. His breathing was still deep, and his heart continued to race. His step-father was just laid out on the floor, bloody, with a broken arm. The anger and hatred didn't disappear, but it had crawled back into its tiny cage and locked the door.

There were sirens blaring in the distance, you almost never heard sirens in the small town. There was a knock at the door. Someone must have called the cops on them, all the noise, yelling screaming, and things thrown. The door was broken down as they saw the scene. A man, laying on the ground clearly in pain, and a teenager with blood stained clothes. It all added up, and soon, Kaito was taken away on hand cuffs.

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    Wooooh~! Just don't mind oniikun, okay? ^^v

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    [x__R i k u]
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    Wooohhh, oh so good!!! I loved how you typed all of it~! Oh yes, I am a doll.. -points at her avi- x: Hug me or I shall destroy you.

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    gret story...Love it blaugh ninja

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    I... love it. heart

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