biggrin heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

give u my heart&3 4laugh
awww...xD i don't know what to say...but just hope give you happiness<3
...i 'm about singing for you xD

i'm not a excellent person neutral ,but i'm not a bad friends to you ^0^

some times i 'm shy, and sometimes i 'm optimisticand sometimes i'm troublesome...
although i'm shy, but i never hide,i'm not a hater, i have never hated anyone in fact,
because hating is useless, it can only make things goes worse. wink
but when we are awake again,we may regret that.

sometimlles i'm naive because i'm just a kid. whee i couldn't see this world clearly,but if i do, i 'll still bewho i am.

sometimes i'm lucky.. why? don't tell xD but anyway, i'm lucky that you read this^^