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Decepticon Swindle.

Hello again, and welcome back to Thyunda’s Reviews. This week I am reviewing the Transformer, Decepticon Swindle. This drone figure comes with the usual lens-face, only not quite as stylish as Payload’s. He transforms into a bright red Chevrolet Cobalt, or a fictional car of very similar model. If you buy this toy, the first thing you will notice is a small, grey tab protruding from his rear window. When pushed, this will spring out a black exhaust pipe from behind a red flap. This alternate mode rolls rather well, and the wheels tend not to jam. On the bonnet is a purple Decepticon insignia, with a white background, and on each rear side is a larger silver one. As far as detail goes, the car has no seats, or anything else on the interior, and the car is almost completely hollowed out, aside from a large pair of legs and a face.
The doors and roof are made of metal, and the windows, rear and front made of plastic.
In robot mode, I am unsure of Swindle’s masculinity, as the only movements his hand makes are inward, and his feet resemble high-heels…I’m not even sure if Decepticons have genders. The exhaust pipe is now a chest cannon, and pressing the switch still brings out the black part. Detail on the robot mode is a little more impressive, showing numerous wires and cogs. And, that’s pretty much all there is to Swindle.