pwhew d= JOSS I hate joo , brenda and alex you stupid girls Dx try to push me into him again xD... OKAY todays life story xDDDDD
I wrote this in french don't be afraid. you can't break what's not there because he is afraid he is going to break meh heart xD I doubt it >.>
so Joss and I were fighting over the paper xD [fake fight] that way she could give it to him so she gave to him and he was like wat does that mean >< so then he went to ask meh friend Dani what it meant she told him... and then after school the people I mentioned in the beggining brenda alex and joss were trying to push me into him but then he ran off with his twin >< finally meh and Smitha were walking and looking for him so I could tell him how I feel but he was no where to be found xPPPPPPPP