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Midnight Slytherin
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(This is the one! The big one! The one we’ve all been waiting for. But u must read chapter one, "The day they met" first, and this is the last, or it won't make any sence). ^.^

Midnight would have never believed that she would ever be bored in her Hogwarts times, until proven. Prove it did, for it was early November in her 2nd year and she never felt more bored in her entire life. She was sitting one Saturday morning in Gryffindor common room looking around, yawning. Hermione was too busy doing her homework revision; Harry was practising his Quidditch right now and won’t be done in another 2 hours, as for Ron; he was in hospital wing because he caught Dragon Pox.

Finally, deciding that she had nothing better to do, she went for a walk, when she noticed Snape walk across the grounds in his usual pitch. Then a fun idea hit her in the head. Why doesn’t she just go follow Snape around?! Who cares what he thinks? So, with one last thought through, she went and followed Snape. They were walking for about an hour, in Staff Room (meanwhile Midnight hid behind the walls, eavesdropping), across the grounds, twice had she seen Harry that hour. Snape it seemed was trying to find someone to deck points off for no reason. All this time he never even knew he was being tailed. This was a lot more fun than watching Hermione do her studies.

Once they even went to the Slytherin common room, still surprisingly unnoticed and then finally when they were passing the dungeons for the 3rd time, Snape span around.

“Have you been following me?” he asked in his cold voice as usual.

“Yeah, like for the last two hours.” She said carelessly, examining her nails.

“Detention, Monday afternoon, 7 o’clock and ten points from Gryffindor. That should teach you.”

“Ok.” She answered back and Snape took off, Midnight still at his tail. This time he noticed her quicker.

“Maybe I should take twenty points off Gryffin-“

“Suit yourself.” She interrupted him. He looked at her unusual and careless behaviour and said:

“Detentions for the rest of the month starting with Monday, 7 o’clock.”

“Yeah, you told me.”

“Another ten points off Gryffindor for your cheek. Follow me one more time and you’ve got detentions for the rest of the year.”

“Eh, wait let me see-“she took her daily journal out and looked. You could see at the corner of your eye that Snape’s nerve popped. “-Aha! No sorry I’m busy starting with-“she paused again “-starting from December! But look! How about February? I seem to be having a ‘club free’ holiday!” She laughed and looked up at Snape, who rolled his eyes in frustration.

“Ok, ok! I get it! Then I’ll just go follow Malfoy around, sir. See you on detentions!” and cheerfully she hip-hopped out of his view, before he got a chance to realise what she had just said and take more points off Gryffindor. Soon she was back in the Common room.

“Where have you been?” asked Ron who seemed to be back from Hospital wing. Harry and Hermione also looked at Midnight curiously.

“Oh, you know? Following Snape around.”

“What?! And he let you? And you didn’t get in trouble?”

“Well, not exactly. I have detentions for the rest of the month and he took fifty points off Gryffindor.” She said calmly.

“What?” she asked seeing their stunned faces “Oh, don’t worry! I’ll earn them all back on tomorrow with my singing. We’re still in the lead and don’t forget it’s half thanks to me we got them all. 500 points! Slytherins only have 220! Ha-ha! Suckers!”

“But Midnight-”

“-I mean you guys had to see Snape’s puffed up face when he realised two hours later that he’s been followed. It was so hilarious, god I almost peed my pants!” She laughed just as the other three exchanged a curious look. At the end Midnight told them and soon they were all laughing too. None of them seemed to remember or care about the fifty points they’ve lost in the last 3 hours anymore.

“Well, he’s a bit blonde isn’t he?”

“Heh! Completely!”

Ok. That’s all for this chapter. Well, what do you think? So that you know, I was laughing MADLY when writing this chapter. I mean, can you guys just try and imagine Snape thinking ‘What the hell is she doing?’ And ‘Why the hell is she following me?’ And ‘Why the hell is she so happy about it?’ I mean, how insolent would that be? Ok guys, REVIEW to keep me high. (Yes, I can go high).

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Community Member

Mon Feb 11, 2008 @ 08:02pm

I LOVE your writing style! razz
*Smiles* You have to write some more!!

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