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Midnight Slytherin
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The night talk

It was late afternoon, a few weeks after the sorting was over. Harry was passing by one of the classrooms, going back to Gryffindor common room from detention with Snape, when he spotted Midnight sitting inside talking to someone Harry could not see. Soon he figured out she was talking to fire, or to be exact someone’s face in the fire. He hid behind one of the walls to hear what she was saying, but accidentally stepped on something that cracked, which might have been one of those jokes Peeves liked to do every so often. Midnight seemed to hear it too, because she turned around but fortunately decided it must have been her ears and so turned her face back to fire.

“Look-” she said “-I know you wanted me to be in Slytherin, but I don’t, ok?! So just get over it!”

“You idiot! Stupid girl!” replied an angry voice of a man Harry thought must have been her dad. “I’m out of words! How dare you! Haven’t I told you this before? Or have you forgotten-“

“-that I am the Sacrifice? No I haven’t! It’s not very likely when you remind me every single day, is it?” she yelled over the top of him. Harry screwed his face. Here was that sacrifice thing Lavel mentioned a few weeks ago. What were they on about? He heard Midnight’s dad yell again:

“Well then?! Are you an idiot or what? The Dark Lord needs powers now! His only hope is the stone and your powers! Don’t you see what he needs to survive right now?”

“I really couldn’t care less about Voldemort!”


“Ok, look. As I’ve said before, I really couldn’t care less about what happens to him. Why don’t you get Lavel to do it?”

“No-“the man’s voice glowered with hunger “It must be you! He’ll take the stone and then he’ll be back in flesh and after that he’ll take over your powers and-you-will-dieee!” the man laughed cruelly.

“And who said I’ll be giving them to him?” she sneered.

“You must! You know it must happen sooner or later.”

“You and your bestie Lucious are both nutters! I don’t care what you two think, I’ll beat you to the stone first and he will not get it!”

“H-how dare you?” he looked worried but frustrated “We-we were planning this for years and you will not spoil our plans! Lavel must stop you! W-what will Lucious say?”

“I don’t give a rat’s a** about what Lucious says! He’s your problem, not mine! As for Lavel, that weakling needn’t have bothered. He’s going to get his a** kicked one of those days, that b*****d! And when will you finally keep your ugly face out of Voldemort’s business. I’m so sick of you all! Why don’t you just go and get stuffed! The bastards!!!” Midnight suddenly stood up and Harry nearly fell over.

“You’ll regret this!” said her father’s voice shaking with anger and disappeared.

“Don’t make me laugh.” She replied, but he couldn’t hear her now. Harry hid more securely behind one of the walls as he watched Midnight disappear, after which he resumed to the common room as well, then making sure she was gone climbed inside and went to the boy’s dormitory. That night, he had a lot to think about.

Ok. There is this song that goes so well to Midnight’s feelings here. I love it so much! I was listening with it on repeat while writing this chapter, and just hold on about Midnight going crazy, like everything else, it’s gonna be explained later. Just sit tight, and review, review, review!!

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