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Voice Recording
The Voice recording starts at 11:52 PM in mid conversation.

Assistant: It's good that you have your memory back. We do need to update you on what's going on though.
Lead: That would be good, it's all a big blank spot.
067: I'm surprised your even alive. Most of our energy has been going to keep the experiment in place, not to mention the mess of it all. Explosions, break outs... it's a wonder Gambino hasn't shut us down by now.
Lead: I take it there's been progress? Show me.
067: Very well. While there are some deviations from Project-T and the new experiments it is similar. It would help if we had completed T, we don't know what to expect. But we should be getting new Labtechs in here soon to help contain everyth-
Assistant: That doesn't matter. I've been altering the experiments, they should grow at a faster rate now. We'll have our results in no time.
067: What? That's crazy! We don't have the resources to go at a faster rate, you know that.
Assistant: By whatever means necessary...
The door opens. The silhouette of a Labtech is seen holding something.
415: Hello.
067: Where have you been?! We've been waiting for you, you have to hear this.
415: I've been taking care of this mess. Yes, I've already heard. You really don't need to hire more labtechs you know...
Assistant: And why is that? Look 415, I'm getting annoyed.
415: I know what you've been up to Assistant. The other Labtechs are suspicious. You've been acting without orders from the higher ups, putting everyone around this area in danger. I've taken care of that.
Assistant sounds furious.
Assistant: What the... What is this? Someone get him out of here.
415: Don't bother running. I didn't give it enough time.
415 starts laughing. He reveals the thing in his hands, it's a detonator.
415: It didn't take long to install, with all of you being desctracted. They'll be very pleased with me. I'll give it a strong 30 seconds before this goes off.
Assistant jumps up, not sure what to do. He grabs at a tool, determined to use it as a weapon. Lead is still in shock. Assistant runs at 415, about to make contact. Three shots. Assistant falls, revealing 067, grimacing with a gun in his hands. Lead runs for it.
415: You killed him.
067: And you're about to kill us all. Let's get out of here.
Lead has already taken off down the hall way. 067 grabs the recorder. 415 And 067 run in a completely different direction, leaving foot prints from Assistants blood. A few seconds later the alarm goes off.
Alert! Alert! Please evacuate! This is not a drill, please evacuate!
415 and 067 are doing just the opposite, running down the stairs as apposed to up, passing Labtechs on the way. Yells can be heard, people trying to escape for an unknown reason. 415 looks down at the object in his hand.
415: 2, 1...

It's hard to tell what happened. The sound completely blows out the recorders speakers, you can hear static. Then silence.

The Voice recording starts again at 3:53 in the morning.
This is Edward Bear, Gaian reporter. About four hours ago a field was destroyed out past Barton East. Further search has proved it to be a wing of G Corp, several levels underground. As far as we can tell there were no survivors. We aren't sure what happened in that lab, but the crater shows that a good size bomb was let off late last night. I am presenting this to the BPD for evidence. The Tape Recorder was found deep underground, no bodies were in the area.

VOICE over the sound of a choper:
i am agent X i will be takeing that video now
sir if you could look at this plz this will only take a minit
a flash blinds the reporter and his crew makeing them forget why they were there
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Lord Narsha
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