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Smokey brand entries
presumptuous chick XD
So, i opted to open a joint art shop with a few of my closer friends her on gaia. when i joined, i made it very clear as to the extent of my activity and cost of my art. this is essentially the post i made for orders and what not there.

Smokey brand Franchise
User Image

So, i am Smokey and i am legend. My art has no set price and my little "franchise here will probably never be open unless you as the customer bribe the hell out of me. or i happen to like your avy. you might get free arts then. never really know with me. anyway, here are some samples i guess

Miss Nanne
holiday Co-chan
Project 12

What you'll get
So, for the bribe or whatever, you'll basically get a sketch, inked and shaded. i'd color it but i don't have the means to do so at the moment. besides, this is a franchise. gotta save the good stuff form my shop cool

How to order

bribe cool :

fill out the above form and post it here. if i feel the bribe is awesome enough, i'll PM you a confirmation and let Ali know to expect payment. if you get no word from me, then assume i won't do it. I accept gold, items or other arts.

I'll pretty much draw anything. doesn't matter to me. No yaoi though. it's not that i can't do it, i just don't want to.
I am legend

So i thought it was pretty thorough. i mean, i mentioned the state that my art was in before hand, set a definiton for what it would take to get me to do the commissioned art, and even set forth a confirmation system so you'd know if i was doing it or not. plain as day right? So, this chick places an order to me and it was lame. looked like this:

bribe cool : 10k? D=
reference: User Image

So i didn't want to do it. she offered 10k and assumed i would. almost three days go by and i haven't contacted this chick per the agrrement in my post. So, today, a young lady comes into the thread and offers me something titilating so i jump on it. we agree on a price and i again show her the quality of my art, just to make sure. all of it is in order and we commence to continue the transaction. I let Ali know i am doin this other chicks work and instead of this Brom character. i go back to the thread afetrward and, well, this is basically what she said to and about me and my rebuttle here:

A Name of Power
Miss Umoh
Okay, well I'm hoping to get some commissions in before then so I'm not totally broke. xD

Keep in mind, Miss Umoh, that if you're paying 77k as a bribe, he will be charging you a sparate amount for the actual cost of his service. If you will take a moment to read;

10k is a little light on the birbe there miss. i charge 25k for what i offer here. considering my shop is closed adn i am on hiatus as an artist, you may want to up the bribe.

Just so you don't get the same "surprise" as was presented to me.

@Smokey5000: Your lack of respect has completely turned me away from wanting any business with you whatsoever. If you don't want to draw, you should NOT be part of a shop. It is a tremendous let down to me as well as saddening to know that you agreed to be part of a shop only to give people a hard time and essentially extort what you feel an appropriate "bribe" may be from others.

For future reference, you should charge what you want to earn and be ready to draw when a request is put forth to you.

I came to this thread because Vupi, Ali and I are good friends and I wanted to be nice and get art from anyone. Your ungrateful attitude almost makes me regret having come here.

On a final note .. your art all seems to be eyeballed or traced. 10k is actually a very generous amount to be offered if you're truly refrencing other artwork as inspiration for your artwork. If you are actually tracing other artwork, you are commiting theft and that's not allowed. confused

Good luck to you with whatever you do from here on out - you are going to need it.

I approached you with the utmost of respect. the fact that i did not want to do your sommision is not disrespectful but for you to attack me in this manner is. Simply put, i did not like your commission. i felt the art itse;f would be less than challenging and completely drab. This was te reason i did not want to do your art. I am not extorting anything from anyone. I went into this shop clearly stating my postiton in said thread and it was understood that i was to only do the commissions i felt like doing. In the end, fundamentally, your request is simply that, a request. By nature they are either dismissed or accepted. i dismissed yours. this is not disrespect, but simply business. in all honesty, i have a shop and a very succesful one at that. i am here in this shop as a favor to Ali and Vupi. if they believe me to be a burden, then i will gladly leave but that is only if they feel as such. i do not know you and owe no one obligation for my services, ever. just because you ask Ali doesn't mean i accepted it. as i recall, i stated plain as day in my post i would contact you if i will do your art and to assume if i hadn't that i did not accept your request.

I do charge what i feel i should earn when in my own shop. My own, highly succesful shop. 200+ commissions and going, so i obviously am doing something right. I am on hiatus right now from commissions in general which si why it says bribr and no price. Bribe could mean items, art trade, an avy that aentices me, all of which are stated in the definition of a bribe i posted there. You skathed over what i had wrote and made a myriad of assumptions that you are now completely regretting. Your own perception is to blame for your "surprise" You never once contacted me, the artist even though it is stated plain as day in my post. you assumed i would do it with no reply from myself rather than inquire further. I am not saying it is your fault entirely, i may have worded my requirements a bit vaugely but in the end, it was your preconceptions that have left you disappointed.

And your opinion of my art is fine. if you think it's eyeballed, then do not order it. obviously you thought it was good enough to request for 10k so what has changed now? other than i don't want to do it, i mean. it amazes me th at my art went from something you'd be willing to pay for all the way to "eyeballed or traced". For the record, i draw my art freehand then continue over it with inks. I do not trace my artwork from anywhere and the fact that there are over 100 satisfied customers under my belt, how could i? the math simply doesn't add up. Frankly i find this last bit terribly droll and amazingly immature. you are essentially taking a pot shot at my art because i do not want to accept your commision. so very childish. The deal bartered between miss Umoh and is none of your business. i will not be charging her her extra for any art other than the decided upon cost. frankly, you need to stay out of it. for you to turn around and harrass a customer of mine because you didn'tget yor way makes you look like a child. pleas, be an adult about this entire situation and apologize to Umoh for your lack of self control. i mean, all of this unwarranted tantrum you have pulled here would have been better suited in my PM box rather than your "good friends" place of business. Then again, if you had read my post properly the first time, we would not be in this position. as far as i am concerned, i don't care how you feel about me or my art. carry on with whatever you do and never speak to me again.

Now, i ask, am i out of line here? i mean, i made the prerequsites for my talents painstakingly clear didn't i? how could there possibly be a complete an utter breakdown like this? It's actually pretty funny to me as this chik literally thinks i give a damn about her opinion of me. f*cking HI-larious.

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