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iAngel Hikaru
Community Member
Hey sry about not posting earlier but I was baned from the computer so I couldent so once again sry

Chapter 3: Fluffy, pink, sweet,…and evil
To see...James laying on the couch, watching the morning news. Miharu was just standing there for about 10 minutes watching as well. Miharu has always been interested in the television , but she barley got to watch it due to the fact that she didn’t have enough money to buy one herself. Really the only time that she really got to watch it was when she was at work. She would just sit there behind the counter watching, with her spare time waiting for a customer to come in. But usually she got in to trouble for it because the manager would say that she was slacking up. So she really didn’t do it as oftn anymore , so she didn’t know what was happening at the time.
“Interested” James said while popping his head up for a peep at Miharu. So all you could see was his head from behind the couch. “Umm…yea sort of” Miharu said nervously with her hand behind her head. “I thought so, since you where standing there for a long time” He said in a sweet voice. Miharu started to go over to the couch, sitting next to James. Watching the television very curiously.
“Now back to Tim” “Thank you Jenna. Now today is a exiting day for Mashatie, the Carnival has finally arrived to this part of town. Many people are gathering for this fun thrilling adventure. So come on down for it you don’t want to miss out on this chance.
“Hey Miharu have you ever been to a Carnival before” James asked curiously?”No I haven’t, to tell you the truth I don’t know what a Cariavial is” Miharu said shyly. “Well then you need to go get dressed because where going to a Carnival Baby. Oh yea I forgot to mention it is Carnival not Cariavial ok sweaty” James said while walking off patting Miharu’s head like a cats.”Wow sweaty I don’t know where that came from, he is acting like a dad would” Miharu said under her breath. “Hey wait, James what should I wear” Miharu screamed while running down the hallway trying to catch up with James.
“Well you could go to your house and get something du” James said sarcastically. Miharu looked up, down, right, and left, but she couldn’t see James anywhere. “O-ok then I will be back in 30 minutes ok” Miharu said unsurely to no one particular. “All right I will be out side my house when your done ok” James just said plainly. “Ok”
Miharu started to run down the hallway, and out the door headed to her house. When she got there all she heard was little whining noises. “Oh no I forgot about Heart” Miharu said really worriedly. She ran all around the house trying to find the dog, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. But she finally realized that she was really stooped, One place the dog was bound to be was at the back door. I wonder why. She started to run from her bedroom to the kitchen. She ran right past the dog trying to stop herself. “Hehehe sorry about that Heart, you know about forgetting and all…Oh yea here” Miharu said. She started opening the back door to let Heart go out to do you know what.
Miharu ran to her bedroom once more , to go get dressed. When she finally did, she was wearing a white dress that had three black stripes going from the front to the back, and one on each sleeve. With little puffy sleeves, and little riffles at the waist line and at the bottom of the dress. And also for a little finale touches a black ribbon choker with the bow on the right side of her neck. And last but not least black shoes with a little tan button at the sides of them.
After she was ready she went out to James who looked rather handsome. With a black button up shirt, with jeans that had little rips at the knees. And also with vans on. James was just sitting on the perch stairs when he looked up to see Miharu standing there with the wind intanguling with her hair. His mouth dropped slightly, at the sight of Miharu. But she didn’t notice this though, so it was a good thing for James. He started to get up, which from a side point of view James was about 2 and a half feet taller than Miharu.
James started to walk to the car that was parked in the driveway, but stopped half way there though. “You conmen or not” He said not facing Miharu but at the car. ” Ugh yea of coarse hehehe” Miharu said nervously. She started to walk toured the car, she cautiously starts to open the car door. But she stopped when she felt a warm gentle hand touch hers. It was James’s hand that touched hers, so obviously they both where trying to open the car door at the same time. They both started to get blushes on their faces, and both turned their heads the opposite direction of one another *hint hint they still have their hands on top of one anothers.*
So without saying anything Miharu moved her hand away from the handle. So James started to open the door for Miharu to get in so she did. After Miharu got in James made his way around to the other end of the car. He got in, started up the car, and also started to drive out of the driveway. From a distance all you could see was the car smoothly driving down the road, until it disappeared around a turn to the main highway.

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Community Member
comment Commented on: Sat Feb 02, 2008 @ 12:35am
Yay I'm so happy Miharu is smiling (and blushing whee )
I think you really made it worth the wait. 3nodding
I only wish it wasn't so short cry
Thank You so much for continuing. I mean it. 4laugh

comment Commented on: Sun Feb 03, 2008 @ 11:46pm
I wanna hug the loudmouthed person. :3

Silver Nephilim
Community Member
User Comments: [2]
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