Current Character Profile: MAELIE
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Name: Maelie Takoda
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Power: Teleporter + Earth manipulation (This means she has the ability to teleport anywhere she wishes by means of memory or a photograph. Earth manipulation means she has the ability to call on plants/dirt to help her. Maybe conceal her in a bush or she can send messages with the leaves of trees)
Electives: Music/Dance Club and Art Club
Personality: Maelie is one of those few who didn't have a scattered past so subsequently she was a happy-go-lucky type of person. Since she didn't have much to worry about growing up she was able to focus more clearly on the things that surrounded her. Once she had her powers she found out just how special things were and can sometimes be found outside talking to plants.
Bio: Once upon a time Maelie's mom attended this school and met her father during an mini fighters tournament. Two sister schools from France and the United States were allowed to come and participate in this event. Her parents met under the glorious cherry blossoms that still line the school and it was love at first sight. After both had graduated they moved in together and settled in Japan. Maelie was born a few years after and had a comfortable lifestyle. She spent most of her days playing in the fields behind her house and pestering her older brother. When her brother hit the age of 10 he had found his ability to manipulate electronics. With a touch of his hand he was able to fix the broken TV standing in their living room. After Maelie saw this she got particular excited and couldn't wait to see what would happen to her. The years dragged on and nothing seemed to happen. Disappointed one day after trying to make water dance she climbed out her bedroom window and climbed on top of the roof. She sat for awhile until a loud bang sounded in her brother's room and knocked her off balance. Tumbling down the roof she was terrified and longingly thought about her nice comfortable bed. With a sudden pop and a thud she had landed in her room on her bed. Half scared and half thrilled she ran out into the hall to tell her parents the good new. From that moment on she was destined to come to Irushawa Academy.
Other: Maelie has a pet cat named Gilbert which she sadly had to leave behind. She keeps a picture of him in her pocket at all times.
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