The year was 1493. A man had twins, but one did not make it. He knew of a doctor who was perfect in practice and visited him, but he had long since lost his mind and his soul. The doctor gladly brought the man's boy back to life but at some steep prices. He brought back a demon along with him; a most ruthless and vicious beast who wanted nothing else than to kill the most beautiful things in the world, namely all the women in the world starting with his loving mother and devoted sister. It was no wonder then two and in front of his twin brother (who was 4 at this time.).
The demon inside of him offered him a more then intimate knowledge of animals, but since the spirit of the demon was a monstrous dragon, he (though he never figured out the way he could take such a command over those elegant and seemingly benevolent creatures.) needed no one else, and quickly dispatched them.