Well I'm bored so I guess I'm writing in here, and also since I haven't really written since New Years. We're in the exams right now, but I only had two and I finished my super-easy English one already and only have my Art exam left ... but that exam is going to be PAINFUL because it's all Art history and I never took down any notes on that. e_e This is why the internet will come in handy. So that exam is tomorrow. I should probably study. I should also probably finish my last assignment in Media Arts or else I will fail. Yep.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go see a movie with Ricky. Hopefully that will be fun.

So I've been playing Ragnarok II, and out of all the free MMORPGs I've ever played I can probably say I enjoy this one the most, even if no one else besides Steven plays it and he's too high of a level to play with me. He'll still give me the stuff he can't use ( girly things ) though, yay. X3

So my character's name is Lucetta, and she's an enchanter. <3 I took some screenshots, so to whoever's reading this, enjoy~

User Image

User Image

Isn't she pretty? ^^ Ahaha. Well.. pretty as a virtual anime game character can be, in my opinion. XD -pow hammers any haters- >__> Yeah, I know.. I'm crazy, shhh. X3

Well anyways, today was okay anyways, I got to see Christie and Aaron at Mr. Sub's with Azzy and Brandon, then we three headed over to Yes! Employment where we leafed through possible places to apply. The only place sadly that I had the requirements for was a job at Claire's, but I would like to work there if I could, so I think within the next week I will go there and submit a resume and possibly a cover letter.

I have to start saving up for when me and Azzy move into our apartment at the end of summer afterall... or else it's goodbye to everyone most likely... of course not permanently, but I won't be able to see people as often for sure. -sigh-

Hmm well I guess that's all I have to say for now. Wish me goodluck on that art exam... XD Eternal out~ heart