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Random stuff
Yeah. just stuff. ranting and nonsensical garbage written out of boredom.
Writing Contest and the Stupidity of Hannah Montanna
Yup! I'm tackling two things at once. I have alot to say. So be ready! Hahahahaha!

Yeah so I placed third in a writing contest for the Elks at lodge level. i won a $200 savings bond. Wooooo!
The topic - What it Means to be an American. Yeah. My patriotism finally payed off. Wooooo! My teacher said that when she read it she know it would be a winner. lol.
yeah. The people who judged it said that it was elegant, poetic, and strong. A deadly combination in short essay contests like that one. So yeah. Go me! And I'm not self centered!
I'm excited because I placed in a competition with alot of competitors so don't say anything of the sort of me being self centered.

Weeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll...................... moving on then.

So my older sister watches Disney Channel yeah? (If you ask me she's way to old for that crap...... sweatdrop ) And she watched Hannah Montana.
Let's make one thing clear, I don't care what anyone says because even if you want to believe it or not Hannah Montana just plain sucks hairy monkey balls. (First time I've used that one before! lol!)
You may want to deny it but you know it's true. I've seen a total of five episodes because I share a T.V. with my sister and she just happened to be watching it.
But the last episode I watched with my sister just shows how bitchy and immature Hannah Montana really is. So in the episode her brother is trying to break a record for longest time jumping on a pogo stick.
(yeah kinda stupid for a record a guy is trying to break.) So he has to jump for like 22 hours or something. I forget. (I know, terribly unrealistic right?) So near the end his friend is like just a few more jumps but the guy who collapses, I think pogo man is Hannah's brother or something, and everyone who watching is like awww darnit.
So pogo man is really beat up about it and his friend says that he beat the record 4 hours ago and he just liked watching him hop around like a moron. and the little b*****d runs away. I was like
Wouldn't pogo man be under incredible physical strain from jumping on a pogo stick for that long. someone should call an ambulence or something. instead people just kinda stare at him while his little b*****d of a friend laughs. seriously.
I said that to my sister and she called ME a b***h. WTF. Since when is being realistic the same as being bitchy? On to the other happenings in the episode. Hannah's dad get a contract to write songs for this really famous band.
(i think its the jaonis brothers or something if thats even how you spell it. i wouldn't know because i hate that kind of music with great intensity.) and Hannah gets all jelous and decides to try to get the band to fire her dad! WTF!
Who does that to their own parent?! She's in ********' HIGH SCHOOL! She should be more mature and understand her fathers opportunity and encourage it. instead she thinks that he wont have time for her and decides to sabotage him.
what a self centered b***h! And her dopey friend, who's probably on marajuana or something, just does everything she says and barely protests. She's also a complete dumbass and she has to be on drugs or something that distorts her sense of judgement.
seriously, Disney needs to get some shows with positive role models because most of their little shows are about or have a materialistic self-centered b***h in them!
and the b***h is who little girls seem to idolize over all other characters. so Yeah. ******** Disney Channel they need to get some half decent shows. Disney has really gone down the drain.

So yeah there was some good news and a rant on Hannah Montana and Disney Channel. I hoped you enjoyed read it as much as i enjoyed writing it! XD


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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jan 28, 2008 @ 10:08pm
i Luffles iT!!!
iTs amazing
Hannah MonTana Sucks a**!!!!!
ohh by The way your a self cenTered ConfidenT!!!!! BiaTch Tammy!!!!
i would never call you self cenTered cause you're noT

did you noTice im capiTalizing all my T's
im so werid i know

commentCommented on: Mon Jan 28, 2008 @ 11:02pm
Dude that's so kewl that you won for the essay thing.
Mine wasn't even considered coz I turned it in after the due date (but how's that my fault? I was absent!) lol heh sweatdrop

and the ******** preps are always running around singing that song! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!


Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Mar 24, 2008 @ 04:23pm
2nd of GO TAMMY! THANK YOU!!!! HANNAH MONTANA DOESN SUCK BALLS! It's so pointless. It's like "OMG the little b***h lives a double life. WAIT....THAT MAKES HIM COOL???? ******** NO!" Yeah, I called it a b***h and a guy in the same sentance! woo hoo. I think that it's so stupid because it teaches little girls to dress like skank faces, and it teaches them that being fake is okay in face encouraged.
To quote a great band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatice "DON'T YOU FAKE IT!" nuff said. lol.

commentCommented on: Fri Mar 28, 2008 @ 05:12pm
Thanks for all the wonderful comments peoples! I'm gonna have to make another rant soon. I've been building up rage on reality shows. lol. im gonna let it out soon. its gonna be epic!

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