These fics feature Hermione as the main focus of the work.

exclaim - indicate mature themes. Click at your own discretion.

Harry Potter:
He Could Always Read Her
Vox Corporis
All Nights
For Love and Honor
Magic Never Dies
Unsung Hero
A Day at the Park

The Smiling Man
Cause and Effect
The Downside of Immortality
Flowers in the Wind

Draco Malfoy:
Spiral Down
Make Me Forget His Name
Eternity With You

Severus Snape:
Hinge of Fate
Unfinished Business
A Choice of Roads

Teddy Lupin:
Worth the Risk

Fred Weasely:
While You Were Gone
Magnetic Moment

Oliver Wood:
Figment of the Imagination
Meeting at a Quidditch Game
Consequentially Yours

Remus Lupin:
The Sinews of Thy Heart

Charlie Weasely:
Shades of Gray

Cedric Diggory:
Finding Himself
Strange and Beautiful

Tom Riddle (Not LV):
Carpe Diem