The next Transformer I got is Optimus Prime movie Protoform. He comes with a flamethrower. He turns into a Cybertronic truck of some kind, judging by the wheels. He looks like he's a cross between the Autobots and Decepticons, because he's really mean looking. I still don't know how to transform him to vehicle mode, my brother does it for me. Unlike Payload, Proto-Prime has brilliant articulation, letting you pose him in any way you want, and he doesn't overbalance. One of his cosmetic features, or kibble as Trans-fans call it, is the back of his truck mode, and it forms a cape of sorts in robot mode, making him look very stylish. He's got a chestplate similar to Cybertron Optimus Prime and limbs very animal-like, mirroring Beast Wars Optimus Primal. As with all Optimus Primes, he has a mouthplate, but this one has bright orange eyes.
I also gave him a combat mode, which is to simply fold his head back and put the cover over it, causing the chest windows to resemble eyes.

Anyone else who owns this toy got the strange feeling Protoform Optimus is in fact built by the Quintessons to destroy the G1 Optimus?