This day started just rosy.
Too bad it's hard to detect sarcasm when reading.
I was having the greatest dream, when my little brother, Buddy, ran into my room screeching "FOOOOOOOOD!" Mom had sent him to wake me up, but my dreams progresss like movies and he had just interrupted the climax, and I'm probably never going to get to finish the dream.
I got a bit irate at him and grumbled at him to leave, but he continued irritating me until I finally said, "Fine, fine, Buddy, I'll get up!"
He walked out of my room, then came up again a couple of minutes later.
"Hey, T.L. Do you want eggs?"
Here's the thing: I hate eggs. I really, really don't like eggs. So, I snapped, "Since when have I wanted eggs?"
I think I said it louder than I thought, because he got this defeated sort of look on his face and moped out of the room. Don't get me wrong. I love Buddy: he's my best friend and has been since he was born. But I was feeling just a bit betrayed, and obviously he was too, because I heard him tell my mom,
"She doesn't want eggs."
My mom replied, "Did she yell at you?"
"Yeah. She said, 'Since when do I like eggs?'" The way he imitated my voice made me seem like I had been completely rude and snappish.
My mom bellowed. "See, that's unacceptable!" and called me to the top of the stairs, scolded me, and demanded I come downstairs and eat.
Of course, I just went right back to bed, but I didn't cover myself with the blankets or try to sleep. I just stared at the ceiling. I knew I should probably get out of bed, but I couldn't.
Finally, after another hour, I got out of bed at the insistence of my dog, (and the knowledge I should probably apologize...I still love my brother, even if I was mad at him) snatched a few sausages from the kitchen and immediately got on Gaia.
I'm really not enjoying this teenager thing. Does everybody have these kinds of problems, or is it just me?