I've started to collect Transformers toys, the first of which is Decepticon Payload, a Deluxe figure I got from Forbidden Planet.

I'll tell you a little bit about him.
He transforms into a Bulldog II Armoured Truck. The sort used to carry money. He's dark blue, with a security forces logo on both side panels. At the bottom of the logo, he has his Decepticon logo.
To transform him, the first thing you do is remove the grill.
Yes, this makes things difficult. I've already lost the grill.
Take the two front wheels and pull them out to the side. Twist the side skirt around until the connector fits inside the rear wheel rims. Open his wrist compartments to fold out his hands. Then, take the cargo bay, and pull it upwards. It will disconnect from the cab. Pull the two halves of the bay apart, and fold them. There's a hinge on each, allowing you to completely turn the side panels away from his head. Pull the cab upwards, turn his waist 180 degrees, then pull the cab in half. Push the two flaps into the bottom of the cab, then twist it so the roof rests on the floor. These are his feet.
You should notice that Payload has the Decepticon drone lens-head.
Now, this guy looks pretty cool. He resembles Shockwave in my opinion, but he is ruined by one thing.
His gimmick. It's a capture claw. It projects about three inches forward and the pincers close. If you make it move to full length, his chestplate pops off and you'll never see it again. Unfortunately, this entertaining-for-kiddies claw makes him very difficult to stand up, as there is now a three inch black plastic thing sticking out of his back.
Not the best toy.