i love you hannah and im sorry about everything you have to go though becuz of me and i really wish i was there to help you though it and im trying my best to make things there best with out you here but everything is just losing its meaning and i cant help but wonder how your doing and if your holding up so i wright this to ask you to be strong ill be waiting at the end of all of this if you can make it there and ill help you as much as i can just listening to music i did when i first met you and it reminds me of all those fun times we had and it reminds me of all the fun times we will have and not to give up when things are hard i know things will get better i mean can they get worse? i know you have the worse end of this but however good things are over here i still cant smile with my hannah out there alone trying to get though this part of her life alone and it makes me sad i love you hannah and i want you to know ill be here waiting