here is a story that will really creep you out and will hoping it will make you cry abit. well then on with the story. once upon a time there was a boy who was very very sweet. had the most beutiful eyes and the thickest hair and greatest skin. bbut the only thing that wasnt so great was his parents. they would yell at him and he felt like a slave. but that never stopped him. he enertained himself by wrighting songs and singing. ofcourse the mother was a drunk and that really didnt care at all but the thing was that she found the music good for her ears but the father as always thought it was for sissys. but htta didnt stop him. his father yelled at him and screamed sometimes even abussed him but the thing was that he would never stop singing. that was when the demons found a weakness in the little boys life. that was why they sent voice. voice had the nicest little voice you could ever hear. she took over his body and then gave him back his control. then one day in his sleep she apeard to him. she had told him about a deal. a deal that he could never regret. that she would kill his father and she would give him her voice. but that it would only last until he died. after thta he would go to hell. he would have the greatest voice int the world. but no he didnt want it. she asked why. was it that he didnt want to be a singer. or was it that he didnt want to go to hell when he died. no it was niether. but why. that was when he said he didnt want to losse his dad. he helped him come to this world. and for how much pain he may suffur he will always love him. no matter what he thought. but then that was when she got angry. you are none to defy my powers she said. that was when a god came out of the floor and said. voice you come from hell to make this poor kid come down with you. then she looked at the god and said ahh so it is you mazuku. i cant belive i see you again. well i am gonna take him with me nomatter what. then he just walked in front of me and waved his hands. then she looked down and saw that she was sinking in to the ground. all of a sudden she was gone. then he looked at the boy and said i will give you the voice that she was going to give you an di will not kill your father and you will not go to hell. then the dream ended and the boy woke up. three years later he was singing in stages al around the world.