I. HATE. my. COMPUTER. if you are wondering if there was ever a mentally retarded computer in this ******** up world of ours, then gaians, I am typing on one right now. I can't even get a decent LAYOUT on this piece of crap. I mean, Gawd people, I'm just a teenage girl on the internet (which is ALSO crappy) for comfort and entertainment.AND I CAN'T EVEN GET THAT OUT OF THIS STUPID THING!!!!!!!!!!
So yeah................well, enough of my bitching and whining, and on to the point.

I am questing for avi art!!!!!!!!! biggrin ((( once my avatar looks decent enough ))) ^_^

any body that can help, contact me please!!!!!!

(((( And yes, I know, nobody is gonna actually waste 5 minutes of there life reading me b***h and moan and cuss in these jounal intries, but whatever. ))))