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Big book of love

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This was made a long time ago...like long ago pretty much..the characters and the names are for explaining better then i simply can. Enjoy and sorry for the grammer mess ups. Ill probably end up editing this some.

User ImageFangs:The darkest part of skyfangs.He is the side that has experienced the harshest sides of reality and the harshness of truth.He is what people would call the meaner side...or evil but as a matter of fact he himself is not evil.He has the qualities of evil but he has a tad of light inside.Fangs is not the sensitive type but he does have qualities like his other half sky(lightest side).The dragon he has on his back or a black book he holds is the root of his evil.He may control it but must be careful as it tries to control fangs.Fangs staff represents his free will.Without it the dragon may be able to infuse into fangs and commit acts of evil without being stopped.Fangs also shows little to no symaphy for living people but he does not normally hate....just very pissy often.He doesnt really like his light side alot but he knows he needs him as well as his dragon to survive.Fangs is also the youngest....can you figure out why?

Fangs representation(if i didnt list something doesnt mean it doesnt just means i didnt get it off the back.)
maturity,sadness,seriousness,anger,logic,etc.(i cant name em all)

He is not the complete opposite of sky.He may show some sympathy but not much as where sky will show alot.They can both experience love but the amount or kind may vary.Truth as well.

(ill tektek the image late but look at comic below for one with spider chest tatoo for image)

Sky is the lighest side of skyfangs.He is the side that shows the joy and comfort in both their lives.He is what some would call the nice side or the good but he is as well tainted with some darkness too and one sign of this is his liking to mess with fangs.The pure part is either with a white dragon form or a white book and the dragon either seems interested in the gold heart above skys head or in the other dragon....looking evil in the face apparently.His staff is just like his darker half,it helps control his good side.The people who target sky's type are those who like to try taking advantage.Seeming like a petty thing but can become dangerous sky must uphold some control.He shows little to no anger towards living things,but if he gets sad he cries alot as fangs just takes in the sadness.He would rather be away from his darkness but he knows he needs him to help him survive this world and he needs his dragon.Sky is the oldest of the 2 but can you figure out why?

representations(once again all wont be listed):alot of innocences,happiness,joy,comfort,affection,etc.

once again there not totally opposite but what they have in common is much different.

Ok sorry this kinda sucked but heres the point im making.We all have a light and dark side.We may not know it but we do.These 2 help us make our daily decisions and rationalize our decisions.Maybe it can be fangs logic with skys happiness or anything and the amount of it.These 2 help keep each other alive and to keep their good and evil under control.This is like the ying yang.Look below and let me explain what i think it fully means.Yes yes we all know it means balance of light and dark but theres something else ive seen in it.

User Image

The light and dark are joined together of course and they are what makes us what we are.But have you ever wondered what that white in black and black in white meant?Well i aint 100% sure but i think it means we are tainted on both sides.Darkness has some light and vice versa.I did mention both sides share some qualities.Example love can be one,truth can be one,etc.If this is its true meaning and everyone knew way the ******** ahead of me then excuse me but i didnt exactly read about those 2 dots.

Sky and fangs are what i name my sides.I know they are what i use to determine decisions and actions i make everyday.We cannot live without one another.Without dark we never mature or learn new experiences.We dont progress and we may die early.

Without light we tend to find misery only.We tend to just die without happiness or any reason to live or any reason to wanna live.The light is what keeps us wanting to go on and to make ourselves better.Also We would then submit to our evil more often as well.

Why would these 2 matter you say?Well heres my personal point of view.Im agnostic and i see life for different reasons.To discover knowledge and progress on and to understand the knowledge to its fullest as well.Im not saying we were divinely put here or anything...im just saying thats why i think its good we have it.Hell some of you may be right and there may not be a god or diety,well then another meaning is finding out how to live forever maybe?

But say majority of the world is right and theres a diety or god/goddess.Our light and dark is to help test how we interact with other people and what kind of impact we make upon our planet or the cosmos in general.Im not saying you have to do something very heroic to make a difference or anything...even doing the simplist things ever can do it.You may start a chain that may lead to ending pollution and still allowing things to be normal.You may do something simple that may become life changing for you and people around you.Hell after my mother kicked me out i had to live with grandma....my aunt needed help for a couple days with moving everything in her house and it seems simple.Now however she asked me to live here and i am studying to take my GED,get a license,im about to get a job,etc. and maybe that helps me the most but maybe what i do in response to all that may become a major thing.I dont know but it started all simple.What does this have to do with light and dark?Pretty much everything...how we act and behave and the decisions we make.

Well since i suck at explaining heres the question and think it over.The answer is simple and logical.Why is fangs,the known mature and experienced side,be the youngest of the 2?If you know why you may pm me and you can give it 2 shots.No hints or anything.First to get it right gets 2k.

Now heres a comic drawn by s0siimdying.This should explain there one in the same but also different.This also explains there submissive traits with sky messing with fangs and fangs not wanting the dragon to eat the girl:
User Image
User Image

The black dragon saying sorry hes saying it with sarcasm kinda.

So whats this staff thing i speak of?What does it represent? It represents our ability to control our evil and our good...basically our free will...

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