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Kender's Journal
Of randomness and shiny things =3
One down already :o....
I actually managed to complete one of my New Years resolutions... BEFORE January is even over D: <3

I. Have. A. Job.

So I put in several apps on my college campus because that would work best with my schedule. This was back at the end of November. And because one of them required me to be free on Wednesdays from 12:30pm and on I did not sign up for any classes after 12:20 until December 31. But by a month later with no call I figured they'd already found someone far more qualified than me and I needed to sign up for at least 12 units before it turned 2008.

Just over a week ago I got a call, while in a dressing room at Ross, to come in for a typing test.

I tried not to get my hopes up, I knew while I'm decent at typing being tested on it is a whole different story. I managed to get nearly two pages of a copy of meeting minutes typed in fifteen minutes. I felt I did not do that well. As I left I was told I should get a call around Sunday or Monday scheduling an interview, but when it became Tuesday I figured I'd done among the worst of everyone so would not get a call back.

I was heading to meet up with a friend on Tuesday from the previous quarter because she wanted to give me a thank you gift (comedy/tragedy mask ring) since I shared my notes with her all quarter and credits me with having saved her grade. As I was calling her to find where she was I got a call to schedule an interview O_O <3.

I had that interview this past Friday (January 18 ) and they were running a little late so instead of my 3:15pm time, I was not seen until almost 4pm. I was a nervous wreck D:. Especially since I'd spent the time talking to one of the other people there. It really was extremely humbling to have to see my competition. But I must admit when the girl I was talking to asked if I'd managed to complete a whole page and I said I had done almost two I felt a lot better.

I was shaking so badly in the room talking with those doing the interview. I answered as best and honestly as I could without over exaggerating. I had to dig deep and stretch a few things I have done in my life to make it apply to their questions. Although the one about being able to deal with things getting hectic was an easy one. I worked previously in a grocery store that was open every day sans Christmas. Once you've dealt with a highly frustrated customer who has had to wait in a line for an hour just to check out because things are just that busy, you can handle almost anything.

Well so I figured I bombed the interview. I talked with my hands even more than usual trying to hide that I was so nervous and was grasping at things to show I was a good choice. By the end of it the only positive thing I could think of they'd find with me was that my schedule for school perfectly fit what they needed and I was willing to bend over backwards for them. But I'm also caring an 18 unit load (max is 21.5) so they may be worried that I'll have too much on my shoulders.

I also wasn't sure how they'd react to my response to their question of how I would rate my time management skills. I gave myself an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Because I feel while I'm good and have been continuously improving my skills, I believe there is always room for improvement. Something I could always change or do differently to better use my time.

So after the interview I was told they'd reach a decision probably by that evening, but we most likely would not hear anything until the end of the weekend. I was a little twitchy so I was talking with Kava on the phone while she drove home from work. When I hung up with her so I could get to work cleaning my temp room at my brother's so I could leave for Antioch my phone said I had a new voicemail. Had no idea who it was from so went ahead and listened...

... I screamed. For several minutes. I was shaking and crying and when I could speak again I called Kava back and squealed with her before calling my mom and everyone else I could think of that I wanted to know.

They offered me the job D: <3

Anywho, the job is DASB (De Anza Student Body) Secretary. My basic duties I'm aware of are taking minutes at DASB meetings and doing general office duties. I have a bunch of paperwork to finish this weekend and get turned in by 2pm on Tuesday.

I'm so excited ;-; <33. I really needed this confidence boost. I'll write more details when I know them XD

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jan 22, 2008 @ 12:54am
Silly Kender. Told ya. heart ^-^

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