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A Summer's Worth of Wishing (story) Enjoy. And excuse me for my god-awful writing skills. And plot ideas. And character development. And grammar. And just my bad story in general. Btw, this is meant to be written like a diary.

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Ch. 2 part 3
There was a long pause after my forced out 'Sherry' cry that left me unsatisfied. In the back of my mind, I was hoping for a 'ACK!' or maybe a 'WTF!' but sadly, it was just the usual taps of her keyboard. I waited for a few more seconds, drumming my fingers on the desk before I yelled another, "SHERRY!"


That was a satisfying answer right there. I couldn't help but burst out laughing while she just kept asking 'what?' over and over. Finally able to keep my composure, I quickly reverted back to my panicking self.

"What am I supposed to do?! He asked me out and I said yes and now I don't know what to do, I mean am I supposed to keep on talking to him like always online or should I go outside and knock on his door, but that would be weird so maybe I should ask him to meet me outside?! WHAT. DO. I. DO??!?!?!?!"

"First. Breathe." I took the much-needed air in quickly after my long run-on sentence. The enemy of all authors. In my seat, I was getting a little jittery to say the least, impatient to hear what advice Sherry was cooking up for me.

"Taylor, just let things work itself out. Just relax, everything will go fine."

Hm, not bad. The advice was actually pretty good. Of course, I was still freaking out even though it did calm me down just a little. And there was the beep. That single beep knocked all the calmness (if there was any left) right out of me and I let out a squeal. Sherry asked her infamous 'What?' and I sighed heavily, taking a few deep breaths. My cursor clicked on the box and my eyes sped through Nick's message a few times. "Ugh, Sherry, I gotta go, I'll talk to you online later, 'k? Bye."

I hung up, half-hearing her goodbye while I processed the message through my already jumbled brain. Some spacing out, some calming-down, then I flew out of my spinning chair and down the hall to my parent's room, seeing my mom on the bed watching her dramas. "Mom! I'm gonna be outside for a bit! Bye!"

I ran out of the room before she could say anything and threw my feet in my flip flops, slamming my front door shut. For some reason though, I didn't move. I just leaned against the green #7 door, staring at the dirty green carpet that lined the cement hallway. A similar slam echoed from above as I figured it was Nick, hearing his footsteps come down the stairs out into the open, sunny center of the apartment complex.

He stopped on the third to last step and bent over the railing, leaning his head out to see me. He flashed his usual smile and I smiled back as I pushed myself off the door and took a left turn into the covered 'lobby/mailbox' area that faced the busy street. His rubber slippers squeaked against his feet until they hit the same green carpet that covered most of the tiled floor in the 'lobby entrance'.

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