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A Summer's Worth of Wishing (story) Enjoy. And excuse me for my god-awful writing skills. And plot ideas. And character development. And grammar. And just my bad story in general. Btw, this is meant to be written like a diary.

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Ch. 2 part 2
"Alright. Just wait, I need to open a private chat box."

I listened to Sherry's endless typing while I played, seeing a message for everyone from Nick saying, "Brb." I figured this was to chat with Sherry and continued playing until her voice rang from the receiver.

"Ok, I asked him 'So what do you think of Taylor?' and he says...'Why?'"

"Uh...just write 'Just wondering.'"

I listened to her keyboard clacks while I continued leveling up my thief character.

"He says, 'She's a good friend.'"

"Hmm...say, 'Do you maybe like her more than a friend?'"

clack clack clack

"He says, 'I dunno.'"

I didn't even have to say anything as Sherry had already started talking to him. I guess I'm not bad when it comes to starting conversations.

"Ok, I asked, 'Well, do you have any special feelings for her?' and he goes, '...maybe.' so then I said, 'So...you do like her?' and he says, 'Yeah, you could put it that way.' and I said, 'Do you want her to be your gf?' and he hasn't messaged me back yet."

I sat there, not moving an inch of my body, just thinking. My head was trying hard to sort out this conversation, but was doing fairly poorly. Ok, so he has feelings for me, and he just said he likes me...well, kinda...Maybe--- I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard a beep from within the phone. "Did he message you back? What'd he say?"

"Hold on, hold on."

A yellow notice bubble popped on my screen and asked me to join a chat box. I could feel my heart beat speed up as I clicked 'join' and saw my character, Sherry's, and Nick's. For a few seconds no one typed anything and I spoke into the phone, "So...now wha-" I cut myself off when Sherry suddenly exited from the box. "W-wait! What are you doing?"

"Just talk to him for a bit, don't worry."

I wanted to know his answer to Sherry's last message really bad as I sat there, waiting for him to type something. With no results I gave a quick 'Wut's up?' I sat still, just watching the screen, tuning out the sounds of Sherry's keyboard on the other end of the line. I looked out the window for a second where a fly caught my eye when I heard a bloop.

Wolf_hunter: um...

Azngirl99: ...?

Wolf_hunter: ...do you want to go out with me?

I felt my heart skip a beat. I hadn't expected him to ask just like that. It sort of felt like that basketball that plunged into my face in first grade. Nevertheless, my fingers started to act on their own.

Azngirl99: uh...yeah! Maybe not the most...confident answer...

Wolf_hunter: Cool.
But it worked.

Yep...just like that...he asked me out on the internet. There was just one problem...


Ok, on the one hand, I can keep playing and act natural, but on the other hand, maybe I should meet him outside and...do what?...Wait...Sherry! I finally remembered her on the phone that was still clamped between my ear and shoulder and shouted, "Sherry!!!"

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