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Dream Journal
Cable Dream

I was in a huge park, there were allot of people, my whole immediate family was there. I got hit on the head… don’t remember more than the initial hit, then black…
After I woke, I was a little dizzy, I was in the infirmary, so I stood up because I wanted to walk around the park. I picked up a biscuit and I didn’t want anyone to have it or see it, then, out of the centre of my palm, cables (like Scooby-wire) came out, they went around the biscuit and filled the gaps in between my fingers, so when I looked again, my one hand had ten fingers!!
I was startled by this and I wanted to hide it, so I sucked the cables back into my palm..

At first, I couldn’t get the cables to come unless I put something on my palm, so I tried everything, metal, plastic, wood, cell phones, everything I could pickup, and the cables would sprout and interlace with the object, holding it to my palm.
It doesn’t hurt when the cables come out. I think the closest feeling would be like when you take a tooth out.

Then I tried to force the cables out by mentally pushing them out. They would rise up, and because there was nothing for them to do, they would fall back onto my palm and my skin would absorb them (they would look like veins, and then disappear) I wasn’t thinking of the colour, but they would mostly be red and blue cables, in the beginning, but as I got better with them it would be more black and white cables, over all, very few yellow and green cables.

I then tried to reach out to my brothers hand ( to see if the wires would reach out and grip my brother, maybe even tie his hand up) my brother raised his hand, knowing full well what I intended to do. The cables came out and snaked there way in the air towards him, but when they reached him, instead of going around his hand, they went INTO his hand, what I mean to say is that the cables were absorbed into his hand, like what happens to me…

All the time while I’m doing these experiments, I show my discovery to my family, and they stand and watch, not so much in supporting me but just being there because they are my family. Except my brother, he seems really interested and happy for me. I can now control the cables allot better, they even come out as I think of them, and I can control the way they move as well, they are like an extension of me (think of it like, if you reach for the cup of coffee, I’ll do the same, but I just don’t use my hands)

My brother comes to me now and shows me that he can now do the same as me and squeeze them out. The thing is that for him, the cables are weaker, thinner and they can’t reach as further than about 30cm (11.811 inches)
Then it comes time for us to leave the park (that I’m actually thinking is one of those camping sites families) on the drive there seems to be things going on that I can’t under stand. There are people chasing us, but covertly. I just try to keep my head down when we driving, because my dad says that if they see me, they’ll know something about me.

We drive for a while but end up in Stella-cemetery (it’s a massive cemetery) I live not to far from it. I get out the car and run up the hill and into an unfilled crypt. The people chasing us see me and follow me up the hill, but as I get into the crypt, 4 or 6 women in civilian clothes (they not wearing white, but they appear very… light) walk into the crypt from the other side, past me and out the door I came through.
I wait for the bad guy to get to me, but they don’t come in. I have my palms facing the door, I intend to attack them as they come in. no one comes, so I look outside, and there’s no one there, just my dads’ car, with my family still in it. As I run to them though, I run through two cats either mating or fighting, but either way they start attacking me as I run for the car. So I make a long think cable and start spinning it to chase them off. Still running though I get to the car and we pull off and head home… then I woke up.

This dream had me looking at my palm for hours after I woke up. I tried everything that I tried in my dream, just to see if it worked…. It didn’t, but I’m still trying.

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  • [01/17/08 08:04am]

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