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A Summer's Worth of Wishing (story) Enjoy. And excuse me for my god-awful writing skills. And plot ideas. And character development. And grammar. And just my bad story in general. Btw, this is meant to be written like a diary.

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Ch. 2 part 1
The summer before 7th grade was pretty much just swimming and completely forgetting the feeling of stress and the voices of the nagging teachers. Now if only that lasted for a few more months. The new school year jumped me from out of nowhere and I was back to 30 pound backpacks and early morning rising. Jayce, Nick, and I seemed to act like strangers when we stepped onto campus. I didn't have any classes with Jayce, and Nick was a year older, so it wasn't surprising at all. There was the occasional nod or smile, but nothing more than that.Guess the only way to actually talk was after school when the pool sat there, waiting for its usual teen guests.

Well, school's boring so...let's just skip ahead to summer. Come on, what could I write about on school events? Nothing. Ok, so...summer before 8th grade. Shoot, no matter how hot it was usually, there are those days where it's just on the border temperature between swimming and internet. It always felt like they were mocking us since they always leaned to internet.

My trained fingers quickly tapped away on my keyboard as I stared into my monitor, hearing the sound effects of my character's attacks. It was so sudden, just like the school year; Three months into the 04-05 year and most of the student body was addicted to a single computer game. But I had to agree, it was soooo fun.

I controlled my character to jump to a safe, monster-free zone as I read through my friends' chat box. Quickly replying, a broad boop rang through my speakers and a small bubble popped up at the bottom. Apparently, Nick had finally logged on. It was a little unusual for him to log on this late in the afternoon, seeing as how most of my friends were already slashing their way through the virtual world.

I typed a quick 'Hey', ignoring all the laws of grammar and went back to my killing. Everyone all mirrored me and said hi to him, forcing him to type a reply a few times for everyone. While I played, I wanted to talk to my friend, Sherry, about something but the problem was...my character could die so easily if I went to type. "What to do...what to do..." A solution popped into my head and I snatched the phone, dialing in her number while dodging hideous, but at the same time very cute, monsters. I held the phone with my shoulder and went back to playing, hearing her familiar 'Hello?'

After about an hour of talking/playing/chatting/eating/drinking...I finally got the courage to ask her my nerve racking question: "Do you think Nick likes me?"

Woah! Hold on! When did this happen?! That's what you're thinking right? Well, allow me to fill you in. Just like other girls, you hang out with guys for a while, get to know them, yada yada yada, and you find yourself thinking about a specific one more and more. Am I right? You've been there, I know you have. Well, that's basically what happened here. The problem is...I'm 12. I'm young, inexperienced, not exactly a super model, and I have never had a boyfriend before. No, the guy in 2nd grade did not count.

Coming back...

I could hear Sherry's usual "Hmm..." and waited for her answer. "I don't know, why don't you ask him?" I could hear her teasing tone and sighed, "You know I couldn't do that!" There was a little pause as we both thought. "What if...you do it for me?"


"Well, you're both online, just ask him through private messages and tell me what he says while I tell you what to say."

"You're crazy aren't you?"



Oh yeah, it is the weirdest way to find out if someone liked me, but I wanted to be...creative.

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