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One Mind Two Worlds
A life where you have two minds....two wholes where you as a half have to find your way into a whole....My Journal....is like that taking ideas that we as people ..think about every day...My story about...the real veiw on this world as a whole....
What happens when you tell yourself that you don't love someone. But when that time comes you find yourself in love once more? What do you start to think when you get lost in this one person's life or mind? Wehn you see them walk by you do you start to melt? do you blush madly? or do you smile and act like nothing is worng..like you have no real crush on that person....

My mind has been asking questions for a very long time...why I don't know...I've always been that kind of a person...I always ask myself why are we here or what do we do when we get lost? or fall in love...? I loves these kinds of questions becuase it get me thinking...thinking about things that I know I don't think about alot in my life time...The kind of questions that your mind loves to try to answer...but when you can't you feel weak and lost.....

Sometimes when you tell yourself that you don't love that person you get even more lost within them....you start to really ask yourself...and beat yourself up because you know you act like yourself when your around this person. and it brakes you down everytime you see him/her everytime you walk up to them and want to ask them a question..it brakes you everytime...Why! becuase you know deep down one you can't have them two you still love them....those two together...mix you up..and hurt you...but at the same time make you ask questions...make you listen to yourself..when your upset...or when your really trying to get yourself to talk to that person.....
To be contined

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ryda babe
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jul 27, 2008 @ 07:09pm
it was very beutiful but what is love i mean does it realy exsist?is this just mixed uo emotions that we cannot control how are we to know if its love or just mixed up emotions its a very difficult thing that i dont know there are questions in this world can we answer them?these questions are what is love?how are we to know?what does love feel like?and are these questions never to be answered or a light to be shone upon them to reveal these answers

screen name:ryda babe
character name:eve
personality:sweet,considerite,nice,a little bit bitchy,does nice deeds.
status:taken sorry boys looks like you misses out

please be kind and donate money or items you odnt want anymore so i can have this item
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commentCommented on: Fri Sep 05, 2008 @ 02:02pm

iSasuke UChiha Blah
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jun 24, 2010 @ 03:51am
"That can be difficult to deal with....but I do love getting my mind working as well. Gives you a deeper outlook on life!"

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