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iAngel Hikaru
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~MiDnIgHt VaMpY~
Chapter 2:The Tears Keep Coming

“Miharu, Aster why are you two late to class”? “Ummm my alarm went off late” Aster said unsurely. “You Miharu, what is your excuse for being late for class”. “Well my dog ate my notes for the test, and I had to get on to him which wasted more time than was nessisery, and also someone stopped me to ask a question which wasted more time so does that do it” Miahru said nervously, as to which she didn’t know how he would react to what she said. As to which I said before it is kind of hard for a teacher to believe that since it is the oldest trick in the book.
“Yes, yes ok I see that you two where to caught up in boys when you got here to even notice that the bell had already rang”.” No no no it is not li”. “Ok whatever just go take your seats ok”. “Yes sir” Miharu and Aster said at the same time.
Everybody started to laugh at this commotion that was started. Aster and Miharu started to get chrisom blushes on their faces, they where so embarrassed at this that they buried their heads in their arms the whole 1st period. Hearing they sounds of whispers through it all, they quiet couldn’t tell what they where saying, but they already knew. The boys in class started to make faces at them, and the girls just made disgusted faces at them like they where whores. But what got Miharu’s attention was that James wasn’t .
James was just sitting there with anger in his eyes. And this really got Miharu’s attention. She didn’t really understand why James would be mad because he was always so bubbly. And especially about something like this, why would he get mad about people make fun of her. He usually would be laughing too. He always wants to make a joke out of everything, so why not this it was the perfect moment for him to make a joke out of this. But it was probably to be on Miharu because aster already calmed down and put it in the past. Except I doubt he would do it now because one other boy was starting to stand up and make a announcement and everyone knew what it was about already. And Miharu started to tear up a little bit, she was to emotional to hold it back and act tough about it. While all this started to happen the teacher stepped out to go to the printer to get the test.
“Hey guys guess what…Miharu is a striper” The boy said in a smooth voice that started to get crackly in laughter at the end of the statement. Everyone started to burst out in laughter at this. All Miharu could do was just sit there in shock not knowing what to do or say, with tears streaming down her eyes. Her eyes where full with fear as they started to get wider every second that passed by.
“Yea and geuss what after she does that she goes of with a man every night, and doesn’t come out intel the next day pockets filled with cash” A girl said screaming while standing up by her seat. “Yea, and that’s why she was so late” A girl said that was sitting behind Miharu.
Miharu was still in the stage of shock, so she had nothing to say back like she had anything to say back anyway. But she finally got a hold of herself, and thought threw everything that just happened in those few seconds. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. But she was about to say something, when her throat started to tighten to the point that she couldn’t talk, but don’t worry she could breath.
She started to burry her face into her desk sobbing. She couldn’t help it she was just a emotional girl that got upset about everything, and anyway you would think that any girl would do that and especially in Miharu’s position in life and now this. Aster started to get up out of her desk to go help her friend, but the other girls around her just pushed her back into her seat.
“Hey, why did you do that” Aster said furiously. “Because we don’t want you to ruin our little fun, and anyway she will live” The girl to Aster’s far right said soft and sarcastic. “Grrrrr”
Miharu was still sobbing in her desk, while the same boy who started all of this came up to her, and pulled her up by her hair. It looked like it was a bun, but it was intertwined with fingers. “Awwwww guys look she is crying, poor little baby boo hoo” The boy said in a baby voice. All the while this was happening James was still sitting in his seat, anger growing stronger and stronger every second that passed by. He couldn’t help it he had so much rage in him because they where treating her like a ragdoll. She was the only person that would ever talk to him, so as you guessed he had no friends to talk to, so it got lonely at times. All he ever wanted was for someone to talk to him, or even give a glance of consideration. So as you can see she was the closest friend he has, or even had.
The boy that was holding Miharu by her hair started to sling her gently but it got harder every time he did it. Miharu started to scream out in pain, she couldn’t bare it. After a few minuets she started to scream louder and started to cry much harder than before. James couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t just sit there and watch his friend get hurt like that. He had to take some action to stop it so he did.
James pulled his arm back with a big connection James hit the boy smack right in the center of his face. Sending him back 15 feet hitting the ground majorly hard. The boy got up whipping the blood off his mouth. Standing up steadily he starts to run at James, but in a flash James was behind the boy with the boys hand pressed up against his back. James started to press harder on it the boy let out a yep of pain. James decided this was far enough he let go of the boy and pushed him back on the ground.
James went over to Miharu, with all of the people in the way moving out of the way like a walk way. He took Miharu’s hand without saying anything to her or anyone. And just walked out the door with her. Going out the school until they came to a house. The house they went too belonged to no other than James. He took her inside the house. All the while many thought where going through Miharu’s head. But what she really was wondering is why James did what he did for her, and especially why he is taking her to his house though.
He took her to a strange room, and sat her on the bed. “Hey Miharu you ok” He said in a soft vibrant tone. “Well I think so, except my head hurts really bad” Miahru said. “Well then you need to get some rest”. He started to push her back into the bed, getting the covers putting them softly on her. “Hey James why did you do that” She said nervously. “Everything will be answered in the morning so just rest for now ok” He said calmly.
Miharu started to drift off into a soft sleep. She stayed in the bed till it was morning . She woke up to the bright room. At first she didn’t know where she was, then she realized that she was in James’s house. She started to slip off the cover, and sit up. She rubbed her eyes a little, then started to get up a little. She opened the door, looking at different hallways. So she just went straight down, and turned the corner to see…

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Silver Nephilim
Community Member
comment Commented on: Fri Jan 11, 2008 @ 09:57pm
3nodding You're getting there. This was definitely better than the last. Just watch for a few spelling errors and work a little more on your...inner monologue, so to speak. XD *hates writing first person pieces self* And the dog ate my homework excuse...It happened to some kid once. XDD

comment Commented on: Sat Jan 12, 2008 @ 02:33pm
Oh My Gosh exclaim
James is awesome and I feel so sorry for Miharu. sad
But I have a feeling that things will get better. 4laugh

Community Member
User Comments: [2]
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